do you remember my coffee table turned to jungle gym dilemma?  well, the only quick remedy we could think of was to turn the table on its side.  this really made james mad but at least he wasn't climbing all over it.  until tonight.

until he flipped it over.

seems harmless, right?

well, it would be...but this guy is a maniac.  wild man.  he's all over it and going crazy. 

and now i just see spikes stick out of the ground.

we flipped the table back to the correct position and just told him "no" until bedtime. it didn't really matter because he soon moved on to trying to climb his highcare. i didn't realize that james would start walking, climbing and biting  all at the same time. yes, we've received a few more biting reports. we went to talk to his teacher and she really downplays the situation. i know it's not just him and he hasn't really hurt anyone. i just don't know what to do. i sincerely hope he doesn't hurt another baby. it would break my heart. i would be so sad that another mother would feel like another baby bullied her baby at daycare. daycare is supposed to be a safe territory.
anyway, this is my wild man. having fun. he now leaves a tornado in his wake. i thought it was bad before but this is a whole new ballgame. the thing is, it's awesome. he's learning so much and i love his curiosity. he wants to know what everything is and just smiles and grins when he does something on his own. and you want to know the darnedest thing? the most entertaining things are free. he'll go through his toys but then he'll move on to something we already have around our house. a box, a laundry basket and the coffee table are some fun items. well, i take that back. he does love the speedracer, lion, tools, workbench and drum. he really likes books too. especially the toy story 2 one. it plays noise.
oh, and just so you know. coffee table jungle gym seems to be exhausting. it wears james out. he gets tired and passes smooth out. i mean, that is kind of a plus. right? so, i'm not sure we've found a trick to keep him safe around he coffee tale but we're working on it. hopefully he'll find something more entertaining and stop trying to climb anything. i don't know if this is a boy thing but jeez, he keeps me on my toes. my little monkey man. he is also loving and loves to give hugs right now. i love them. i treasure my hug after work. they're priceless.


day 26. no. day 28 {i'm officially quitting}

see during my busy saturday, i didn't blog day 25 and on my wonderful sunday, i didn't blog my day 26.  now it's day 28 and i don't really want to write about my week.  i really enjoyed this challenge and am so glad that my friends participated.  i've learned so many little, new details about them all.  plus i really enjoyed getting to catch up and read their blogs every single day.  i know that one of my goals of this challenge was to get me into the habit of writing more.  it worked.  i hope to continue to share my random ramblings.

funny how when i had a pre-determined blog post, i could think of several other things i'd rather blog about.  now that i'm off the challenge - i can't think of any.  ha!

so, i'll leave you with some pictures of my little evil knievel.  ben discovered that the neighbor's driveway, a helmet and the speedracer make james a happy, happy boy.  i will tell you my heart about dropped.  i would have never (EVER!) attempted this stunt. 

he's all boy.


day 25 {my saturday}

this saturday was different than my usual saturday so i'll go ahead and tell you about it.  this saturday was busy.  the susan g. komen race for the cure was hosted this weekend.  my work formed a team, dcp pink, and i joined and participated in the timed 5k.  after i ran, mr. h brought james up to see everyone and hang out with me before my niece's 12th birthday party.

i know james doesn't look very happy but he was.  he was such a happy baby - until he got tired.  he was a big flirt and loved getting all the attention at the tent.  this was taken sometime after i had run and was waiting to do the 1 mile fun walk with my friend chelsea and my niece's birthday crew.

my niece turned 12 this weekend.  instead of having the typical birthday party, she asked her friends to join her doing the race for the cure one mile walk.  no gifts - just to use that money ($20) to join her team, the pink ladies.  yes, my sister named them.  yes, she choose that from grease.  it was such a sweet and honorable gesture.  it amazes me how thoughtful children can be.  i hope that i raise james with as much integrity and selflessness that i see in my sister's children.  the party was a hit and all of the girls had a lot of fun.  they ate donuts and just enjoyed each others company.  it was nice.

after the fun walk the birthday party came back to the tent for donuts and drinks.  it was perfect because girls at that age know how to entertain themselves and the overall party proceeds went to a really great cause.  the greatest part truly is that my niece came up with this idea on her own. 

after the run, we went to eat lunch with my mom and my sister's family.  it was fun.  james did not want to be in his highchair though.  he had been confined in his buggy most of the day and was ready to explore.  luckily we didn't go to an uppity place for lunch so he could walk around, eat his chicken strips and have a good time. 

james fell asleep when we got home and took the longest, most unexpected nap.  i used this time to relax and watch the time travelers wife.  i had no expectations and rarely get to watch a girly movie so i enjoyed my time.  when the movie was over, i needed to start getting ready for a bachelorette party taking place saturday evening.  my good friend is getting married next weekend and we had to celebrate. 

overall, saturday was really busy but super fun.  there is the recap to my saturday.  sunday was followed by a nice, hill run in this cool weather.  starbucks and family time.  i want a mulligan.


day 24 {3 sides to every story}

everyone knows there are three sides to every story, right?  mine, yours and the truth.  i'm going to tell you a story and how two people can see the same subject completely different. 

the other day chelse and i were emailing back and forth and the subject of pre-pregnancy weight came up.  this happens all too frequently but that is an entirely different issue.  so, we were talking about how even though we're back to your pre-baby weight, our clothes don't fit the same.

1.) mine.
i feel like my hips are just spread from being pregnant and a regular delivery.  my almost 9 pound baby sat low and then was hanging out a little too long down there during my vigorous delivery.  therefore, i think that even though i'm back to my pre-baby weight, my body is just shaped different.  i had hips before but now they're even bigger.  this creates a muffin top over some of my pre-pregnancy, low-rise jeans.  drives me nuts.  i'm about 14 months out on the delivery of my son so i am just coming to terms that some of my jeans just may not fit like they use too, ever.  no matter how much i try (or don't try but like to btch about it).

this was chelse's response:

2.) yours.
even though i was back down to my pre-pregnancy weights my pants still didn't fit.  i just assumed that now i'm carrying more weight in my butt and thighs but less in my face.


3.) the truth
who knows what the "truth" is to this story.  but i'm sticking with my hips aren't going back from child birth.

(for those of you who walked out of the hospital in regular jeans - eat a donut.  and if you lost your weight in say - the expected 6 weeks - i kind of hate you too.  just kind of.  i'm really just jealous but i'm being honest.)


day 23 {a youtube video}

i didn't really get into the youtube craze.  i mean, i can't just watch movies at work.  plus, the entire site is blocked so i couldn't even catch up on glee if i wanted too.  but my friend made this video of us at the oklahoma city memorial marathon.  it's really lovely.  he is very talented.  turn on your music and enjoy.

i'm not sure if the embeded object worked so i'm going to post the link. 


{if someone tech savy wants to email me how to really post the video, that would be awesome.  i won't be able to tell if it is working while i'm at work.}

"We come here to remember those who were killed, those who survived and those changed forever. May all who leave here know the impact of violence. May this memorial offer comfort, strength, peace, hope and serenity."


day 22 {a website}

well, i have an internet addiction - a shopping one to be more specific.  and i sit at a computer all day at work so i have several sites that i like to frequent.  i'll let you in on the fun.

google - duh.
baby earth - i love this site for all sorts of baby products and reviews
b&h photo - i got here to drool over camera gear and lenses
jcrew - did you know they opened an online outlet?!!
anthropologie - they just opened one locally so i won't need to be stalking this site anymore - except the sale section.
mpix - to print photos and large(r) prints
children's place - affordable little boys clothes
baby gap - need i say more?  i frequent the local gap for myself.
piperlime - i'm working on my online addiction but you must wear shoes every.single.day.
etsy - i recently planned james' first birthday and this was such a helpful and creative tool

well, the list could go on and on because i should add blogger, google reader, facebook and other random shopping sites but those are some sites i thought i would share.  i do also search (on google as my search engine) for product reviews on just about everything from baby gear to technology to beauty products.  i like to know what other people think but you must remember that there will always be some haters out there. 

enjoy!  now i just hope i don't bump into you wearing the same shirt or shoes.


day 21 {a recipe}

okay, so if you know me, you know i don't really cook.  mr. h does most of the cooking around here.  we grill a lot and make sweet potatoes and veggies from the garden.  i haven't told you about that - mr. h works so hard to keep james' garden in production.  anyway, lately we've been eating more james friendly foods.  sliders, hotdogs, mac n' cheese, and chicken tenders just to name a few. oh and cinammon teddy grahams.  seriously?  i with i hadn't found those for james.  one for him, one for me.  only way is should be, right?
here's the deal - by the time we get off work and get home from daycare it's almost dinner time.  we don't want to spend our entire evening cooking.  we'd rather play with james and take family bike rides or go to the park.  our time is so precious with him during the evenings.

but i do have the easiest recipe known to man: chicken & rice.

1 c. brown rice (uncle ben's flavors are our favs)
1 can cream of whatever you want (low fat or fat free works too)
2 c. water
1 pkg lipton onion soup
2 or 3 chicken breasts

mix soup, water, lipton onion soup, and add rice.  place chicken breast in casserole dish and pour soup mixture over.  preheat oven and cook on 350 for 1 hour.  easy peasy. 

something james loves - and loves the leftovers.  barely any prep time.  lots of james time and an easy meal.  could i ask for more?

**i would just like to state that i really would like to take a cooking class with my friends.  i would like to be betty crocker mixed with rachel ray.  maybe one day i will be.**


day 20 {a hobby}

well, the first hobby that comes to my mind is the expensive one i picked up when james was born - documenting my family.  when the obsession came, it hit quick.  i was in love.  i wrote about it for the first time here.  i would say photography but that might be pushing it.  yes, i have spent many hours doing research and i have taken a class on how to work my dslr camera in manual mode.  but the difference is that i do not care if all of my images are not professional quality with the "golden hour" lighting.  real life happens all the time - during every hour of the day.  of course i like lovely images but the moment is more important to me.  i have enjoyed the countless hours playing with my camera and taking pictures of my family. 

i love being able to have my camera handy so i can capture daily activity in the life of the hale household.

like this one from saturday:
do you see what is going on?  yes, my son has decided that the coffee table is a jungle gym.  no matter how many times mr. h and i would tell him no and make him get down, he'd be right back up there in no time.  good thing it's not high off the ground.

and of course this one:
and this one of my walking boy:
the pictures could go on and on.  i love taking pictures.  i have loved learning about my camera. i love documenting the moments.  i like my hobby...even though costs quite a pretty penny.


day 19 {my talent}

i don't feel that i have a super hero talent.  or a talent worth mentioning actually.  does being a mom count as a talent?  a working mom?  a wife?  a good friend?  an honest and loyal person?  i tried to ride my skateboard a couple of times.  is that a talent?  i fell and scrapped my foot.  it wasn't bad but it made me realize that i'm old and concrete is hard and brutal.  my board with pretty pink wheels is now collecting dust. 
i don't think i have one true talent.  i ran 16 miles yesterday.  is that talent?  i'm not so sure i would consider myself a talented runner.  i'm actually a bad runner but i've got dedication.  is dedication a talent?  i kind of think so.  it takes time, hard work and some serious mental willpower. 
i strive to be a good person.  a genuine person.  a supportive friend, loving wife and wonderful mother.  all of those take dedication.  right?  it is just an easy kind of dedication because they happen to be the very things that bring me joy.  but i'm going to go with dedication as my talent.  i am dedicated to make my life the best it can be.  i'm dedicated to raising a good-hearted, genuine little man.  i'm dedicated to be a sincere and supportive friend.  i'm dedicated to being a loving and generous wife.  i'm dedicated to running my first marathon in the upcoming months.  dedication - it's an admirable talent.  right?

see - i don't have a super hero talent but if i could, i could want to be able to turn invisible.  or fly.  both would be really cool.  if i could be both that would be even better.  maybe i should wish for speed as my talent.  running speed.  nah - even though it might come in handy here soon.


day 18 {biting report}

yep, you read the title correct.

this beauty was attached to james' daily report on wednesday.  mr. president got a "biting report".  i have such mixed feelings about this.  i mean, he doesn't bite at home.  what am i to do?  but then again, i would be upset if another little "friend" bit james.  maybe.  depends on how severe the bite actually. 
so, when mr. h went to pick james up from school the teacher told him about it but didn't make it sound like a big deal.  she implied that the bitten friend got too close and james didn't like it.  she blew it off but then this little form makes it seem so official.  they even keep it on file.  jeez.  i hope this doesn't come back to haunt him in his campaign. 
if you'll notice the bottom right corner -- you can see that it was a sneaky taste while they were playing nicely.  that makes me feel somewhat better.  at least he didn't dive bomb and attack.  right?  he didn't bite on thursday.  phew!  please pray with me.  pray that this was a one time occurrence.  but we have told james we don't bite our friends.  there is even a yo gabba gabba episode, with jack black, that preaches about not biting our friends.  we're going to see ygg live in november.  we should be able to sing along.


day 17 {an artist}


top that, baby van gogh.

i was a stay at home mom today.  i loved it.  james kept me on my toes.  we woke up at 6:45 and got a morning bottle.  then we played and played until 8:30.  morning snack time.  we eat and have a fun time until i went to get him out of his chair.  the front of him was wet.  i was like - huh?  could there have been that much water in the sippy cup?  no.  great.  so, turns out buster! had unlatched his diaper on the right side.  so, play time became bath time.  we were having so much fun splashing and playing until he became unusually still for a minute and i knew exactly what he was doing.  yep - number two.  awesome.  so, he comes out, the tub gets a scrub and back to rewash my never-going-be-clean baby. 
success.  shortly after i put him in his recliner (aka big bouncy chair) and turn on playhouse disney.  mickey mouse clubhouse.  don't judge.  i had to get ready for lunch with the girls.  he naps like a sleeping angel and was then great out to eat and shopping.  after some retail therapy we wanted to go see daddy.  james fell asleep on the way but was a hit up at the office.  he is a flirt ham.  it just touches my soul. 
since summer is coming to an end we got the baby pool out one last time. it was over 90 degrees so it was nice weather.  he loves it.  i'm sad those days are ending but i'm excited for him to test drive some snow boots.  i kept thinking last year we would have built a snowman but he was too small.  if we get snow like we did last year, we're definitely going to build one this year.  wouldn't it be cute if we could make a little family?  i know, i know.  i'm getting too ambitious for my one year old but i can't wait for those days. 
anyway, then we had bath time and bed time.  today was nice.  it was fun.  now, i must wrap this blog up, clean my coffee maker and get it ready for the 4:30 a.m. wake-up call.  i will need coffee. 

oh, and the only reason i posted the last paragraphs was to explain why i'm blogging so late.  i was a busy sahm today.  it was a delightful change.  i will be back at it and busy on monday.  my day will fly by.


day 16 {song that brings tears}

well, i know that i've cried over several songs but of course now that i am going to write about it i can't remember more than one. go figure. i don't consider myself an emotional person but during pregnancy and after james was born my motherly hormones were in full force and i was crying over everything - songs, commercials, grey's anatomy, everything. i once thought i was crazy but now i just think that it was just the transformation into motherhood. i'm more compassionate now. i like children more - i knew i'd like my own but now i like other people's children. i think differently. i like the new me.

one song that has brought tears to my eyes is remember when by alan jackson.

Remember when I was young and so were you
and time stood still and love was all we knew
You were the first, so was I
We made love and then you cried
Remember when

Remember when we vowed the vows
and walked the walk
Gave our hearts, made the start, it was hard
We lived and learned, life threw curves
There was joy, there was hurt
Remember when

Remember when old ones died and new were born
And life was changed, disassembled, rearranged
We came together, fell apart
And broke each other's hearts
Remember when

Remember when the sound of little feet
was the music
We danced to week to week
Brought back the love, we found trust
Vowed we'd never give it up
Remember when

Remember when thirty seemed so old
Now lookn' back it's just a steppin' stone
To where we are,
Where we've been
Said we'd do it all again
Remember when

Remember when we said when we turned gray
When the children grow up and move away
We won't be sad, we'll be glad
For all the life we've had
And we'll remember when

i love the line "when the sound of little feet was the music we danced to week to week" and then when he talks about getting old and turning gray. it warms my heart and occasionally brings me to tears. we have the sound of little feet as music at my house and i love it. i'm not ready for it to go away.

good morning.

now, am i saying good morning to greet you or am i implying that i'm having a good morning?  honestly, i don't know.  of course i want to greet you in a friendly fashion but am i really having a good morning?  yes and no.  yes, i crawled out of bed at 4:43 to go run 5 miles before work.  now, i've never planned on running that far before my family wakes up and my day really starts but i feel nice.  i'm glad it's behind me. i did it.  there is such pride and satisfaction in doing something you never really thought you would do.  i'm not a natural runner.  i'm not tall with legs for miles.  i'm actually quite short and have short tree trunk legs.  i run bc i enjoy it. i'm not fast.  i'm not in it for competition.  i'm in it for me.  i've set goals recently where even i amaze myself.  it takes a lot of work, time, and dedication to run long mileage.  it's hard on your muscles and joints - and toes!  i can't forget the toes.  i've even lost a toenail!  most important - it takes time away from my sweet boy and family.  sometimes i feel selfish but most of the time i feel so good when i'm done that i'm just proud i set a high goal and i get up, hit the pavement and be proactive in reaching it.  so, it' almost 9 and i'm ready for a nap.  instead i have a mandatory meeting.  good thing i'm armed with starbucks.  good morning everyone.


day 15 {fanfic}

fanfic?  what?  so, i didn't make this blog challenge and i have no clue what a fanfic is. so, i googled it - obviously.  i found a definition on wikipedia.

Fan fiction (alternately referred to as fanfiction, fanfic, FF, or fic) is a broadly-defined term for fan labor regarding stories about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creator. Works of fan fiction are rarely commissioned or authorized by the original work's owner, creator, or publisher; also, they are almost never professionally published.

well, now it's clear as mud!  i officially don't know if i've ever read anything technically deemed a fanfic publication.  so, i'm going to tell you more about some of the non-published people i like to keep up with on the internets.  as you may have noticed, i added some of the blogs i follow to the right side of my page and i would like to tell you more about these wonderful ladies.  they write.  they're non-published.  i think they count!

i met amanda back in college.  go pokes!  we worked together and became friends quick.  she is just as beautiful now, inside and out, as she was almost 10 years ago.  she is a friend that i'm really thankful that i still keep in frequent contact with - you know you have a true friend when time flies by without a word but then can pick back up like it was yesterday.  she is also my go-to mom.  she has an adorable son that is older than james so i feel confident in her advice.  i cannot wait for our little men to meet and play together.

this woman is in charge of making me my family look good.  i met her when i was planning my wedding.  she was my bridal, wedding, maternity and now family photographer.  she is also now someone i consider a friend.  she has been apart of so many special moments in my recent life.  i'm truly grateful to have these events documented so wonderfully.  i'm sure i'll post some of james' one year photos soon - only to be followed by our upcoming family session.  it's christmas card season, people! 

okay so this is my email gal.  she lives in kansas and has an adorable little girl.  i've never met her in person but we "talk" all the time over email and text message.  i met her through chelsea, who you'll meet below.  regardless, i know certain qualities about her that make her someone i really like.  first and foremost, she is an amazing mom.  she is honest - can be brutal but in the most sincere way.  she is a straight-shooter.  she loves to take pictures too!  i mean, can you get a better list of great qualities in a friend?!  no.  i don't think so.

this picture was just taken on sunday after bobby's baptism.  it was such a wonderful day.  i met chelsea at my current job.  we've always been nice to each other but she worked in a different department.  since, she's moved over to my department, gotten pregnant and had a handsome baby boy.  now we've got tons in common and can't shut up.  she is one of those people who i used to refer to as a co-worker but now if i say co-worker it doesn't do our relationship justice.  she is a true friend.  she is kind hearted and too funny.  we can talk.  i mean, like deep talk kind of talk.  those people are hard to find these days.  right ladies?  as new moms, we have so much in common that it turned a work friendship into the real deal.

okay.  first i want to start off by saying that i really don't know erin but what i do know is awesome.  i stole this picture from her blog and it really doesn't fit my impression of her.  for instance, she never talks about drinking or wine.  i chose this picture bc i think she looks great and it shows off her hair.  i know you're just as jealous as i am.  she has had a blog for a while and is gets lots of readers and commenter's but she still takes the time to email people and really communicate.  that is just unbelievable!  she is a busy mom to an adorable, growing boy, has great style and seems super genuine.  on one hand we have many similarities, on the other we have differences.  the good kind of differences.  i like her blog bc it sparks ideas in me whether it be about parenthood, style or blogging. 

jen - meet wonder woman.  seriously.  link i posted is to jen's photography blog bc you can't visit her family blog unless you're a friend.  you're missing out.  this lady is the most creative person i know and someone who seems to have 8 days a week to do everything.  she is beautiful wife, a mom of two (her youngest is shown above), runs the local roller skating rink, has a photography business and is so generous with her time as a friend.  this girl makes me jealous in the most wonderful way.  if i ever needed help or advise - she'd be there.  i met her back in college through a friend and i'm so thankful that we are still friends to this day.

this is another girl i met through chelsea.  i should be thankful for her generously sharing her friends.  but back to tara.  first off - congratulations are in order.  this beautiful lady is pregnant with her first baby due in may 2011.  she will be a wonderful mother.  i cannot wait to meet her little bundle of joy.  actually, i've only meet her for a total of 30 seconds so i should want to meet her first.  haha.  regardless, we chat over email about everything from photography to babies.  i know she'll do a great job of documenting her pregnancy.  i'm happy to have found a friend in tara.

this is linda sharps.  i do not know her.  at all.  i started to follow her blog, all & sundry, before i started blogging.  now she is a freelance write for the stir.  i'm envious of her.  she's run a marathon.  she is a mother of two and she just recently found a job where she can stay at home with her two boys.  she is a great writer.  her blog is real.  go read it.

okay people - those are my fanfics.  even though they share their real lives with us.  go to the restroom, grab a drink - perhaps a snack too - and get to reading.  enjoy!!


day 14 {nonfiction book}

i've been thinking about a great nonfiction book.  and well, i kept coming up blank.  nada.  is that bad?  probably.  i was trying to think of books and came up with biographies, the encyclopedia series, text books or various events in history that would have a book made in their honor.  did i come up with anything fabulous?  anything that make me remember this great nonfiction book?!?  nope.  but i did remember one book that i think would be neat to own - the national geographic atlas of the world.  the website does a good job of selling this item as well:

For the first time ever, National Geographic is offering its 9th Edition Atlas of the World in a version so unique, so exclusive that only 2,000 will ever be created!

The National Geographic Atlas of the World - Platinum Edition will be bound with an elegant Italian leather cover in your choice of black or navy blue with complementary moirĂ© patterned cloth end-sheets and embroidered headbands. The spine will be hand-stamped with decorative silver foil. Inside you’ll find an elegant parchment page printed with an official Statement of Authenticity and the number of your exclusive edition, overlaid with sheer vellum for added protection.
Each edge of the Atlas is meticulously gilded in silver, and a luxurious ribbon marker is sewn in. To ensure that each volume is truly unique, we will personalize the cover with silver foil stamping, and the authenticity page with 3 lines of your choosing. The result is a one-of-a-kind edition that no other person in the world owns. It will instantly become the most treasured and valuable part of your home library.
For the ultimate in presentation and protection, you can choose to add the elegant clamshell solander case with cloth and leather edging. These cases are the traditional method chosen by collectors to store precious books.

now, if you're like me you died when you saw the price tag.  dead.  but this is my post about a nonfiction book and i happen to want this nonfiction book.  look at that beauty!  can you blame me??  i would actually settle for this one and be just as happy.  i just think it is a timeless book - one that james and i could look up everything from exotic locations to state capitals. 
i love google.  i google everything.  i know that james will use the computer, google and internet to look up most of his information for school but i just can't help but think a nice, colorful world atlas would be so much better.  a better teaching tool for me and a better way for us to learn together.  geography never was my strong suit so i know this would be something i would appreciate and like to use, when possible.  now i've sold myself into thinking  james will need this book.

can't you see us planning an african safari, a backpack trip through europe and a vacation filled with white sandy beaches?  i can.  i definitely can.


day 13 {fiction book}

since the book i wrote about on a previous post was fictional and for adults, i thought i would post about a fun, fiction book for kids this go 'round.

kids are guaranteed to like this book and the special gloves are sure to make everyone laugh.

this makes for a great gift!  james got it for his first birthday and we're so glad he did!!!

everything comes together nicely in the laughter kit. 



day 12 {tulsa zoo}

friday was my and my husbands last friday off so i wanted to do something fun with james.  we have already been to the aquarium so i've been dying to take james to the zoo.  the weather has been so nice lately and i was hoping it would cooperate for our family outing.  denied.  it was humid and hot.  luckily, there was a breeze or i may have passed out from a heat stroke.  regardless, we had a good time and i'm glad we went.

our first stop was the monkeys.  this was by far james' favorite animal.

what's dat?

my monkey men

next we went to the petting zoo and got to pet a little goat.  it was fun but h.o.t. by this time.  it was nearing noon and the sun was beaming.  we kept going and went to see the penguins, but they were smart inside.  so was the sea lions, male lion and most of the other large animals. 

no big deal!  we wanted to ride the train anyway.

choo choo!!

after the train to the front we decided to call it a day.  we would like to go back in the fall.  what a fun family friday!  fridays never disappoint.



day ten {photo of me over 10 years ago}

high school graduation - 1999

my mom scanned this in a long time ago.  i personally have not scanned in any old photos. i wish i would but i suppose i'm lazy.  if i were to have chosen a photo, this definitely would not have been the one. i mean, there is a spot on my mouth.  and isn't this photo supposed to be about me?  but yet she didn't even notice.  oh well.  more importantly - you should have seen my leopard shoes.  i mean, graduation is about the shoes.  right?


day nine {photo i took}

as you know i love taking pictures.  i love documenting life.  i love that i will have these memories forever.  life moves so fast, times change and james just keeps growing from my sweet baby boy into a little man.  since i take so many pictures i thought i would post the very last picture i snapped.  the very last image on my memory card.

tuckered out.

this is what happens when you wake up early to play, eat breakfast, go to the park and then take a drive to look at outrageously priced midtown homes.  the ones that make you wonder how people can ever afford to live in them.  simply exhausting.  and fun.  it is amazing how much you can get done before 10 am when you're up and ready to go.