day 25 {my saturday}

this saturday was different than my usual saturday so i'll go ahead and tell you about it.  this saturday was busy.  the susan g. komen race for the cure was hosted this weekend.  my work formed a team, dcp pink, and i joined and participated in the timed 5k.  after i ran, mr. h brought james up to see everyone and hang out with me before my niece's 12th birthday party.

i know james doesn't look very happy but he was.  he was such a happy baby - until he got tired.  he was a big flirt and loved getting all the attention at the tent.  this was taken sometime after i had run and was waiting to do the 1 mile fun walk with my friend chelsea and my niece's birthday crew.

my niece turned 12 this weekend.  instead of having the typical birthday party, she asked her friends to join her doing the race for the cure one mile walk.  no gifts - just to use that money ($20) to join her team, the pink ladies.  yes, my sister named them.  yes, she choose that from grease.  it was such a sweet and honorable gesture.  it amazes me how thoughtful children can be.  i hope that i raise james with as much integrity and selflessness that i see in my sister's children.  the party was a hit and all of the girls had a lot of fun.  they ate donuts and just enjoyed each others company.  it was nice.

after the fun walk the birthday party came back to the tent for donuts and drinks.  it was perfect because girls at that age know how to entertain themselves and the overall party proceeds went to a really great cause.  the greatest part truly is that my niece came up with this idea on her own. 

after the run, we went to eat lunch with my mom and my sister's family.  it was fun.  james did not want to be in his highchair though.  he had been confined in his buggy most of the day and was ready to explore.  luckily we didn't go to an uppity place for lunch so he could walk around, eat his chicken strips and have a good time. 

james fell asleep when we got home and took the longest, most unexpected nap.  i used this time to relax and watch the time travelers wife.  i had no expectations and rarely get to watch a girly movie so i enjoyed my time.  when the movie was over, i needed to start getting ready for a bachelorette party taking place saturday evening.  my good friend is getting married next weekend and we had to celebrate. 

overall, saturday was really busy but super fun.  there is the recap to my saturday.  sunday was followed by a nice, hill run in this cool weather.  starbucks and family time.  i want a mulligan.


  1. Wow! Your niece sounds like an amazing little lady! So touching!!!

    You look great after your race!!!

  2. okay, i already knew you were amazing...but going on a hilly run after the race for the cure AND walking a mile after? i can barely walk 3 days later. i want to be like you.