day 20 {a hobby}

well, the first hobby that comes to my mind is the expensive one i picked up when james was born - documenting my family.  when the obsession came, it hit quick.  i was in love.  i wrote about it for the first time here.  i would say photography but that might be pushing it.  yes, i have spent many hours doing research and i have taken a class on how to work my dslr camera in manual mode.  but the difference is that i do not care if all of my images are not professional quality with the "golden hour" lighting.  real life happens all the time - during every hour of the day.  of course i like lovely images but the moment is more important to me.  i have enjoyed the countless hours playing with my camera and taking pictures of my family. 

i love being able to have my camera handy so i can capture daily activity in the life of the hale household.

like this one from saturday:
do you see what is going on?  yes, my son has decided that the coffee table is a jungle gym.  no matter how many times mr. h and i would tell him no and make him get down, he'd be right back up there in no time.  good thing it's not high off the ground.

and of course this one:
and this one of my walking boy:
the pictures could go on and on.  i love taking pictures.  i have loved learning about my camera. i love documenting the moments.  i like my hobby...even though costs quite a pretty penny.

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  1. I didn't know he started walking! Such a cute boy!!! You are SO talented at your hobby!!!