.33 cents

So, after opening my wonderful packages last night the hubs and I decided to have a romantic dinner at the local Taco Bueno. We even dined in. We both ordered nacho salads but I ordered chicken and he ordered beef. They called our number and Ben went to pick up the trays. As he made his way to the table I noticed he was carrying to large mounds of chips with a few spare pieces of lettuce on top. This was no salad. They put more lettuce on Ben's soft taco than they did on our "salads". Annoying. So, you know me, I made a comment to Ben about the lack of lettuce and text Amanda "bad bueno night". (side note: Amanda and I have had many conversations about Taco Bueno's food. Some days it is delicious while other days your tacos are broken, the cheese is runnier than water and it just isn't good. We get burned by Bueno but still continue to eat there on a regular basis. We just chalk those days up to "bad bueno days". The good comes with the bad but we just deal with it.) Anyway, my loving husband goes up to the register to ask for more lettuce for my salad. We think he'll just go up there, ask and they'll give him a small plate of lettuce. No big deal. Ummmm no. Not at this Bueno. The cashier asks if he would like to buy a side of lettuce. Really? Confused Ben says "yes" and she rings up the order. The total will be .33 cents. OMG for a small, queso size, container of lettuce. She actually gives him a receipt and waits for the person making the food to see the order and bring it over. I am almost speechless at this point. I wish I would have taken a picture of my "salad". Penny pincher's.

Brown Santa

I LOVE it when Brown Santa visits my house! Brown Santa is what we refer to as the UPS man. What can Brown do for you?

Well, he came to my house yesterday....twice. I got one small package and one large package. I was patiently awaiting the arrival of both packages so it wasn't a total surprise but I still got excited. I ran an errand after work and the hubs beat me home. I had no idea we got anything until I opened the front door and there were two wonderful brown packages waiting for me. I love it how Ben waits for me to get home because he knows how much I love to open the packages or be there while we open them together. They are so much better than the usual bills and junk mail. I wait for him too unless I know its something he won't care about like a new maternity top or dress.

One small box was my new camera bag and strap. Love it. It was handmade and ordered off etsy. Wow. Etsy is amazing. I have spent too much time away from work just oogling over all the handmade products. I love that I custom ordered it and yet it looks so nice and durable. Even Ben was impressed. Anyway this was the mystery package. So it was like Christmas but it wasn't. It actually was a happy birthday present to myself.

The second package was BIG and heavy (ben told me it was anyway). It wasn't a surprise because it had "BOB Revolution" all over the box. I think I started doing a happy dance. As I opened the mystery package, Ben opened the heavy one. OMG. We love it. The assembly was super easy. Take out of box, snap on tires and take off packaging. I cannot wait to try this bad boy out.

Brown Santa will be visiting a few more times to deliver my BOB accessories. Yay! Happy package day.


It's Raining Men! Hallelujah!

Not yet!!! But it IS raining presents!!! Though I do have several men in my life. I have Ben, Utah and Waylon. I am completely outnumbered and James will just contribute to the testosterone in the Hale household. One thought that keeps me going - I get to be the Queen. Queen Hale. It has a nice ring, doesn't it?

Anyway, back to the presents and showers. Thank you to all who came, hosted and participated in celebrating THE baby Hale. I loved every thoughtful gift, card and decoration. I unfortunately don't have too many pictures to document but I have a few to post.

My first baby shower ever was a girl's shower themed with baby boy colors, fabulous decorations and the sweetest hostesses.

the pretty hostesses, me and jp

aunt beebs diaper cake and current table centerpiece

the cutest duck bathtub! the bill quacks. i hit it often and ben reminds me that i might run the battery down before jp arrives but it makes me smile so it's worth it.

raining presents...

Our second shower was a co-ed shower held at my favorite restaurant. I was so happy Ben could participate. He loves opening presents and it is adorable seeing him get excited for baby toys, bottles, carriers and all the other gifts JP will get to use. He is the most spoiled person in the family and he's not even here yet. My Visa better watch out.

this cake was delicious. i should have taken a picture of the inside. the top layer was vanilla but it was blue! the bottom layer was a rich chocolate. yummmm!

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate baby James and bring him into this world spoiled rotten. You are so kind, thoughtful and generous.

9 months...

Yesterday I was officially 36 weeks pregnant. Yes, 9 months and NO baby. Some of you might be scratching your heads. Don't worry. This is a common thought error. One is actually pregnant for 9 FULL months. 9 months, 3 weeks and 7 days. This totals 40 weeks. The day I realized this fact was a sad one. That is approximately 30 more days of carrying around this baby. I'm ready to see him, touch him and make those annoying sounds and faces at him in hopes that he'll crack a smile for his sweet mommy.
Below is a picture to mark this festive occasion. It was hot, like 103 hot but felt like 121 degrees hot, I was swollen and I felt like I could not physically get any bigger. This is why the joyful expression is written all over my face.

Yes, this is when you should feel bad for me.
Shower me with pampering gifts and pray, pray multiple times a day, that I have baby Hale asap.

I went to the doctor on Monday for a growth scan. This was brought about because my belly is measuring on the large size. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? Normal 36 week old babies weigh 5.5-6 pounds. No, not mine. James is tipping the scales at a 7 pounder. No, he is not a fish and therefore I did not celebrate. He is estimated to gain a half pound per week. This would put him around 9 pounds at delivery time. LUCKY ME. I can officially blame the hubs. Yes, I am aware he takes the blame for many of my pregnancy issues (i mean it is his fault. he did this to me.) but this time I actually have proof. I was a nice baby weighing 6 lbs. 5 oz. at birth. Ben was a mean baby weighing 9 pounds AND 14 ounces!!! James is already taking after pops. How sweet.

In the meantime, I plan to avoid the outside, prop my feet up and pray daily for baby James to have a healthy delivery. I will be getting pregnancy massages, pedicures and shopping for nursing outfits. Please, refrain from being too incredibly jealous....save that for when I blog about my BOB stroller. Enjoy the heat and drink lots of water!


Just a few more...

I posted a few maternity pictures that I stole off the miracle worker's blog. I would just like to post a few more of my favs. Enjoy!


just me. and photoshop.

we pose like this often. no, i'm obviously kidding but i think it's a really sweet image.

I cannot wait to get some of these framed for my nursery and in a scrapbook to show JP when he is older.

Random: I mention scrapbooking and such but I have yet to start one. When I was younger, I dug through a big picture box that collected our family photos over the years. I remember enjoying that method then but I will try to be more organized and prepare them for better viewing. Hello! Welcome to my home. I pulled out my big picture box for you to look through while I finish up dinner. Thank you.


I cannot explain how it feels to be pregnant and growing right after NYE and before summer season. The infomercials, weight loss and exercising hype is everywhere encouraging people to get in swimsuit form. Well, for me that wasn't really an option but increasing in size and paleness,the opposite desired look, was more in the cards for my lake season. Luckily I paid too much for a chair so I can sit in my backyard and get some tummy sun. Yes, watch out dieters you have competition. Maybe not but sunshine does make everyone a bit happier and I will take any help to put that pep in my step at this point. Note: I did make sure to get a chair that fully reclines so that I could properly flip-over and tan my backside as well. One problem - I haven't been able to lay on my stomach in months. Therefore, I paid too much for a fully reclining chair. Thank you to all the helpful people at ACE who helped me find the perfect chair. I'm sure it would work fabulous.

How I cope with this swimsuit dilemma is easy:

Yep, say screw it and eat candy. When will I ever be able to do that again?!! That is a cell snap shot from my last craving session. (no, not all at once but it is nice to have enough on hand.) I have recently realized that dessert is good with any meal and am not afraid to enforce my new theory. Nothing like eggs, bacon and a cookie for breakfast. I'm not picky and about any form of sugar will meet my needs. Ice cream is also a valid option to those summer time blues as well.


I did purchase a UO dress and have named it motivation.

It came in the mail on Monday. I am holding it up over my growing belly. Well, scratch that. It is resting, on its own, nicely on my almost 33 week belly. This is a risky move but I hope it works. The candy method will have to cease once James arrives but I can use it as an excuse for approximately 47 more days no questions asked. For now, I really like the color. If anyone wants to borrow a canary yellow sundress just give me a call. I'm hoping to break it out by the end of summer. If you never see me in it or hear mention of it, I obviously did not reach my goal of being able to fit into it during the hot 2009 season. Please then disregard this picture and never mention the stupid yellow dress again. A starburst or two would be nice about now.....