day 14 {nonfiction book}

i've been thinking about a great nonfiction book.  and well, i kept coming up blank.  nada.  is that bad?  probably.  i was trying to think of books and came up with biographies, the encyclopedia series, text books or various events in history that would have a book made in their honor.  did i come up with anything fabulous?  anything that make me remember this great nonfiction book?!?  nope.  but i did remember one book that i think would be neat to own - the national geographic atlas of the world.  the website does a good job of selling this item as well:

For the first time ever, National Geographic is offering its 9th Edition Atlas of the World in a version so unique, so exclusive that only 2,000 will ever be created!

The National Geographic Atlas of the World - Platinum Edition will be bound with an elegant Italian leather cover in your choice of black or navy blue with complementary moiré patterned cloth end-sheets and embroidered headbands. The spine will be hand-stamped with decorative silver foil. Inside you’ll find an elegant parchment page printed with an official Statement of Authenticity and the number of your exclusive edition, overlaid with sheer vellum for added protection.
Each edge of the Atlas is meticulously gilded in silver, and a luxurious ribbon marker is sewn in. To ensure that each volume is truly unique, we will personalize the cover with silver foil stamping, and the authenticity page with 3 lines of your choosing. The result is a one-of-a-kind edition that no other person in the world owns. It will instantly become the most treasured and valuable part of your home library.
For the ultimate in presentation and protection, you can choose to add the elegant clamshell solander case with cloth and leather edging. These cases are the traditional method chosen by collectors to store precious books.

now, if you're like me you died when you saw the price tag.  dead.  but this is my post about a nonfiction book and i happen to want this nonfiction book.  look at that beauty!  can you blame me??  i would actually settle for this one and be just as happy.  i just think it is a timeless book - one that james and i could look up everything from exotic locations to state capitals. 
i love google.  i google everything.  i know that james will use the computer, google and internet to look up most of his information for school but i just can't help but think a nice, colorful world atlas would be so much better.  a better teaching tool for me and a better way for us to learn together.  geography never was my strong suit so i know this would be something i would appreciate and like to use, when possible.  now i've sold myself into thinking  james will need this book.

can't you see us planning an african safari, a backpack trip through europe and a vacation filled with white sandy beaches?  i can.  i definitely can.

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