day 26. no. day 28 {i'm officially quitting}

see during my busy saturday, i didn't blog day 25 and on my wonderful sunday, i didn't blog my day 26.  now it's day 28 and i don't really want to write about my week.  i really enjoyed this challenge and am so glad that my friends participated.  i've learned so many little, new details about them all.  plus i really enjoyed getting to catch up and read their blogs every single day.  i know that one of my goals of this challenge was to get me into the habit of writing more.  it worked.  i hope to continue to share my random ramblings.

funny how when i had a pre-determined blog post, i could think of several other things i'd rather blog about.  now that i'm off the challenge - i can't think of any.  ha!

so, i'll leave you with some pictures of my little evil knievel.  ben discovered that the neighbor's driveway, a helmet and the speedracer make james a happy, happy boy.  i will tell you my heart about dropped.  i would have never (EVER!) attempted this stunt. 

he's all boy.


  1. Oh My gosh!!! So cute! He's having soooo much fun!

  2. i'm DYING at the cuteness! oh my word! he's SO CUTE and so happy!

  3. SUCH cute pictures...I literally couldn't help but smile when I saw that face!