vroom vroom...

james is ready to go drag boston place in his royal blue ride.  it is tricked out with 4 inch wheels and has two horses feet under the hood.

at first this speed racer was a bit intimidating.  james didn't know what to think.  it moves - and it moves fast.  it is also missing a seat belt so it is quite easy to topple off to the side.  he can handle the spills unless he bonks his head.  then game over.  but he'll just sit next to it and admire his new ride with a few proud slaps of endearment. 

we live in oklahoma so we've obviously taken in off road.  no, dad doesn't think it's near as cool but i think james likes it.  the speed racer moves at a much slower pace on the grass.  regardless i cannot believe that my baby boy is big enough for a big boy toy.  he'll be able to race around the house, run over the dogs and eventually walk behind it. 

what happened to this little guy?

this was right before his very first car ride.

before i know it he will be driving a real car.  tear.


captain james p. sunshine...

this past weekend was the kick off to lake season, memorial day weekend. this would also mark the first time james would ride on a boat or play in the lake. last summer james was just too small. my theory was that if he was too small to take tylenol, he was too small to play in keystone lake. if you've been to keystone, you understand.

as you can tell the water is not blue or crystal clear BUT the lake is still fun none the less. plus, you can't beat a 20 minute car ride for a trip to the lake.

before when i've gone to the lake i've had to remember the essential items but i knew if i forgot something everything would be okay. someone would have it or i wouldn't need it that bad. well, this year was different. taking a baby anywhere doubles (or maybe even triples) the load and i didn't want to forget anything. thank heavens for the carts to help you carry all your items down to the boat.

i did not take a picture of all the items we brought but overall i don't think i over packed nor under packed.  score!  first time out and i nailed it.  phew!  thank goodness i have a big, strong husband to help carry everything.  BUT there was one certain item that was absolutely necessary but james did not like it nor want anything to do with it....his life jacket!  the royal blue, top rated, i had to pay $20 extra in shipping to get it here in time life jacket.
this is one of the few pictures taken bc james would cry and need some special attention to calm him down.  the kind of attention only momma can give - otherwise known as a bottle and some snuggle time.  now if he even sees the adorable little, blue, duckie jacket he starts to throw a fit.  hopefully he'll get used to it so he can go on the boat more in the summer days to come.

as soon as we started to talk about going to the lake, mr. hale would tell buster that he could drive the boat.  oh boy did james ever love driving. standing in daddy's lap and holding onto the steering wheel gave captain jp sunshine a big smile but honestly i don't know who enjoyed it more.  i know mr. hale loved having his best friend helping him.  it really was so sweet.  melt your heart sweet - not melt bc it's oklahoma and it's going to be a hot, hot summer but that will melt your heart too.

after many hours of fun in the sun james finally took a nap.  this kid was not going to miss a beat.  he loved all the attention from the ladies and the water.  this one and only nap did not last long - not near as long as i thought it would but he didn't even wake up a grumpy mess.  he was ready to swim and splash again.  regardless it was time to head home for our normal, nightly routine.  my baby doesn't skip and meal and he definitely wasn't going to skip a bath - no matter what.  i am positive sand in the diaper can't be comfortable.

all aboard!!  take us in captain sunshine....
(cutest farmer's tan i've ever seen!)

i hope everyone had a safe and wonderful memorial day weekend too. thank you to our military friends and family who protect and serve our country.  we are forever grateful.