raising hale

another month has passed and my baby boy is still growing like a weed.

1 month - 12 pounds & 7 ounces
2 months - 16 pounds & 1 ounce
3 months - 18 pounds & 14 ounces
james has gained almost three pounds. he's happy and healthy. he's starting to giggle and loves to talk and smile. "very talkative" is now almost a daily description from daycare.
am i the only one who noticed the size of his head and cheeks?!! i'm pretty sure last month i thought his cheeks were most plush and pinch-able but now they are even more so.

this photo shoot did not last very long. i got him dressed, propped him up and only took a few snaps before i heard it. yes, i heard it. a sound like nothing else but i can recognize it instantly. a blow out. my fingers were crossed that it wasn't as bad as i thought. i took a few more snaps on my way to turn him around to assess the damage. ruined. the onsie was ruined and the 3 month photo session quickly became bath time.

cutie pa-toot-ie.


a black tie daycare...

yesterday james turned 3 months old. i'm not sure if that sounds right but you get the gist. in honor of his big day i picked out a special outfit.

okay. not really. i just purchased this a couple of weeks ago and have been dying (DYING!!) for him to wear it. so, i made a reason. happy fancy 3 month birthday outfit day. yay!

hello ladies! who wants to slide up next to me?

ladies - watch out. i'm his main squeeze. i'm protective too.



this past weekend we took baby boy out to the pumpkin patch. we, or i, envisioned a smiley, happy baby that would take amazing photos. wrong. my child did not appreciate that we picked out the perfect outfit, charged the camera and drove to the sticks. unfortunately it was muddy and surprisingly crowded with people trying to do the exact same thing - get the perfect photo. since james can't sit on his own he would tip over into some awkward positions and did not find the pumpkins to be plush, comfortable props. this started to make him mad and fussy. therefore, most of his pictures of him alone are not as happy as the one above. not to mention the older kids climbing all over the pumpkins would start pumpkin avalanches that would scare everyone who had babies propped up on the orange mountain. therefore, we were there a total of 7 minutes. it took us 9 times longer to get him dressed, the diaper bag packed and drive out there than the time actually spent at the patch. i know next year will be much better and he'll be the kid climbing everywhere. either way, i discovered no one could get their children to sit and pose for the infamous perfect picture.

james enjoyed the pumpkin patch, nice weather and a warm body holding him.

ba-ba-bad. bad to the bone.


friday funny.

okay so i got this email on my first day back to work from maternity leave. even though i was sad and a bit depressed, it made me laugh. to be honest, i laughed for days after when i would think about it. i'm going to post it on here. i meant to do it last friday but was too busy at work. i haven't blogged in a while and i know this is a total cop-out. i'm sorry but don't worry. once you laugh, i know i'll be forgiven.

(click image to increase size)

please watch out for monster trucks, unless you are in fact the bike thief, and have a great weekend!