good morning.

now, am i saying good morning to greet you or am i implying that i'm having a good morning?  honestly, i don't know.  of course i want to greet you in a friendly fashion but am i really having a good morning?  yes and no.  yes, i crawled out of bed at 4:43 to go run 5 miles before work.  now, i've never planned on running that far before my family wakes up and my day really starts but i feel nice.  i'm glad it's behind me. i did it.  there is such pride and satisfaction in doing something you never really thought you would do.  i'm not a natural runner.  i'm not tall with legs for miles.  i'm actually quite short and have short tree trunk legs.  i run bc i enjoy it. i'm not fast.  i'm not in it for competition.  i'm in it for me.  i've set goals recently where even i amaze myself.  it takes a lot of work, time, and dedication to run long mileage.  it's hard on your muscles and joints - and toes!  i can't forget the toes.  i've even lost a toenail!  most important - it takes time away from my sweet boy and family.  sometimes i feel selfish but most of the time i feel so good when i'm done that i'm just proud i set a high goal and i get up, hit the pavement and be proactive in reaching it.  so, it' almost 9 and i'm ready for a nap.  instead i have a mandatory meeting.  good thing i'm armed with starbucks.  good morning everyone.

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