little boy blue...

The nursery has been painted, got new carpet and decorated to this point for several weeks. I haven't posted pictures bc I thought I would get some shelves on the wall (they are in the garage), some pictures hung (they are still at the photographer's house) and a mirror above the crib (on the floor in the nursery but not quite on the wall yet) before I posted for all to view and judge but I finally took some snaps and will share my almost decorated baby's room.

Ben and I instantly knew we didn't want to do a theme style nursery but I found this bicycle and we couldn't resist.

I love his crib. It looks so beautiful plain that I really like it without all the whistles and bells.
I've heard wonders about the sleep sheep. I hope this one works his magic.

My sister got me this bear and blanket for Restoration Hardware for Christmas last year in thoughts of the baby in mind. I have had it hidden from our dogs so they wouldn't touch it before JP. So far so good.
The glider. I think many hours will be spent rocking and feeding JP in this. I'm so glad it is comfortable.

I hope James sleeps well in here. All night would be heavenly.


I went to the doctor yesterday and she said I've progressed more but still cannot predict when I will actually have this baby. Last night James decided to wake me up about 11 o'clock. I'm laying in bed and I start to feel this weird consistent sensation in my lower belly. I think "OMG, it's happening!!" Then I realize that these "contractions" would be about 1 minute apart and I would be screaming for dear life. No, no contractions that lead to the birth of a baby. Hiccups. Yep, JP had the good ol' hiccups and kept me awake for an hour. Tease. It was just mean.


Proud Papa

June 27th we attended an outdoor wedding for some of our wonderful friends, Luke and Brittani. It was over 100 degrees during day, through the wedding ceremony and into the reception. Regardless, we would not miss this wedding even though my family thought I was going to have a heat stroke or be thrown into labor. Before the wedding, I just made sure to have my hospital bag ready in hopes of JP's arrival. No luck but we had a great time with good company and Hosty. This picture was taken pretty late in the reception. I think it just shows how excited Ben is about his baby boy. Priceless. Ben likes to rub my belly as if I am Buddha. In a way, I am his Buddha - he got lucky. :)
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Luke Beard!!!


Ben = lush

Present lush that is. Today our wonderful coworkers threw us a baby shower. We got a few much needed items, the second car seat base and a diaper champ, and a few adorable, fun items. If you know my husband, you know he loves opening presents. Below is a picture showing his sheer joy.

i think this was his favorite present today.
drinks all night, potties all day. baby bling.

i am 37 weeks pregnant and huge. big baby on board.
We cannot wait to set up and use all our new baby gadgets and gear.
Thank you!