day 21 {a recipe}

okay, so if you know me, you know i don't really cook.  mr. h does most of the cooking around here.  we grill a lot and make sweet potatoes and veggies from the garden.  i haven't told you about that - mr. h works so hard to keep james' garden in production.  anyway, lately we've been eating more james friendly foods.  sliders, hotdogs, mac n' cheese, and chicken tenders just to name a few. oh and cinammon teddy grahams.  seriously?  i with i hadn't found those for james.  one for him, one for me.  only way is should be, right?
here's the deal - by the time we get off work and get home from daycare it's almost dinner time.  we don't want to spend our entire evening cooking.  we'd rather play with james and take family bike rides or go to the park.  our time is so precious with him during the evenings.

but i do have the easiest recipe known to man: chicken & rice.

1 c. brown rice (uncle ben's flavors are our favs)
1 can cream of whatever you want (low fat or fat free works too)
2 c. water
1 pkg lipton onion soup
2 or 3 chicken breasts

mix soup, water, lipton onion soup, and add rice.  place chicken breast in casserole dish and pour soup mixture over.  preheat oven and cook on 350 for 1 hour.  easy peasy. 

something james loves - and loves the leftovers.  barely any prep time.  lots of james time and an easy meal.  could i ask for more?

**i would just like to state that i really would like to take a cooking class with my friends.  i would like to be betty crocker mixed with rachel ray.  maybe one day i will be.**


  1. I'll take a cooking class with you!

  2. Count me in on the cooking class!