Dear UPS,

Please visit my home on or before Friday. For those (few) of you who don't know, I have been dreaming about ordering a SLR digital camera to capture baby James when he arrives. I asked for advise from some friends who post the most wonderful, clear pictures and had decided that I NEEDED to own a better camera of my own. Yes, needed. You can ask my husband how obsessed I've been about getting one in time to practice (a word of advise) before JP arrives. Today I DID IT!!!

This baby will be mine, all mine:

Thank you US Government for my tax return. I will not be saving my money today but doing my part to stimulate the economy.
Thank you in advance to my pups and hubs for being my practice models.
Thank you to those I will ask a million more questions about how to make this beauty work.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm just too excited for words.

Yes, I might post a belly picture with my new camera. Please, don't hold your breath though...but I will make an effort. Truth be told, the last picture I've had taken was at 20 weeks. Yep, 10 weeks ago. Yes, I'm feeling the guilt now. BUT taking a picture and posting one are two entirely different things. I've had good intentions but keep forgetting to ask someone to take pictures of me and my growing baby bump. Well, I'm past the "bump" phase. It is a big baby belly now.


  1. you MUST post a baby belly picture! or at least send me one since we live in different area codes!
    also...love the 3D pictures, the mobile and the dog joke! my puppies are FOR SURE going to heaven...the presbyterians can suck it! (now...i may not be going!)

  2. It's Friday!!! Did it come?? Must post pics soon!

  3. Your blog is always so interesting and funny! I love reading it! I just remembered that I don't think I ever posted pictures of Carrie and John's wedding on my blog. I need to do that!!

  4. As soon as Liam was born, we HAD to purchase an SLR camera. You were smart to do it ahead of time. I'm still learning how to use it.

    Can't wait to see the belly pics!