day 17 {an artist}


top that, baby van gogh.

i was a stay at home mom today.  i loved it.  james kept me on my toes.  we woke up at 6:45 and got a morning bottle.  then we played and played until 8:30.  morning snack time.  we eat and have a fun time until i went to get him out of his chair.  the front of him was wet.  i was like - huh?  could there have been that much water in the sippy cup?  no.  great.  so, turns out buster! had unlatched his diaper on the right side.  so, play time became bath time.  we were having so much fun splashing and playing until he became unusually still for a minute and i knew exactly what he was doing.  yep - number two.  awesome.  so, he comes out, the tub gets a scrub and back to rewash my never-going-be-clean baby. 
success.  shortly after i put him in his recliner (aka big bouncy chair) and turn on playhouse disney.  mickey mouse clubhouse.  don't judge.  i had to get ready for lunch with the girls.  he naps like a sleeping angel and was then great out to eat and shopping.  after some retail therapy we wanted to go see daddy.  james fell asleep on the way but was a hit up at the office.  he is a flirt ham.  it just touches my soul. 
since summer is coming to an end we got the baby pool out one last time. it was over 90 degrees so it was nice weather.  he loves it.  i'm sad those days are ending but i'm excited for him to test drive some snow boots.  i kept thinking last year we would have built a snowman but he was too small.  if we get snow like we did last year, we're definitely going to build one this year.  wouldn't it be cute if we could make a little family?  i know, i know.  i'm getting too ambitious for my one year old but i can't wait for those days. 
anyway, then we had bath time and bed time.  today was nice.  it was fun.  now, i must wrap this blog up, clean my coffee maker and get it ready for the 4:30 a.m. wake-up call.  i will need coffee. 

oh, and the only reason i posted the last paragraphs was to explain why i'm blogging so late.  i was a busy sahm today.  it was a delightful change.  i will be back at it and busy on monday.  my day will fly by.

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