do you remember my coffee table turned to jungle gym dilemma?  well, the only quick remedy we could think of was to turn the table on its side.  this really made james mad but at least he wasn't climbing all over it.  until tonight.

until he flipped it over.

seems harmless, right?

well, it would be...but this guy is a maniac.  wild man.  he's all over it and going crazy. 

and now i just see spikes stick out of the ground.

we flipped the table back to the correct position and just told him "no" until bedtime. it didn't really matter because he soon moved on to trying to climb his highcare. i didn't realize that james would start walking, climbing and biting  all at the same time. yes, we've received a few more biting reports. we went to talk to his teacher and she really downplays the situation. i know it's not just him and he hasn't really hurt anyone. i just don't know what to do. i sincerely hope he doesn't hurt another baby. it would break my heart. i would be so sad that another mother would feel like another baby bullied her baby at daycare. daycare is supposed to be a safe territory.
anyway, this is my wild man. having fun. he now leaves a tornado in his wake. i thought it was bad before but this is a whole new ballgame. the thing is, it's awesome. he's learning so much and i love his curiosity. he wants to know what everything is and just smiles and grins when he does something on his own. and you want to know the darnedest thing? the most entertaining things are free. he'll go through his toys but then he'll move on to something we already have around our house. a box, a laundry basket and the coffee table are some fun items. well, i take that back. he does love the speedracer, lion, tools, workbench and drum. he really likes books too. especially the toy story 2 one. it plays noise.
oh, and just so you know. coffee table jungle gym seems to be exhausting. it wears james out. he gets tired and passes smooth out. i mean, that is kind of a plus. right? so, i'm not sure we've found a trick to keep him safe around he coffee tale but we're working on it. hopefully he'll find something more entertaining and stop trying to climb anything. i don't know if this is a boy thing but jeez, he keeps me on my toes. my little monkey man. he is also loving and loves to give hugs right now. i love them. i treasure my hug after work. they're priceless.

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  1. i'm diggin the photos. james is such a handsome little guy.