day nine {photo i took}

as you know i love taking pictures.  i love documenting life.  i love that i will have these memories forever.  life moves so fast, times change and james just keeps growing from my sweet baby boy into a little man.  since i take so many pictures i thought i would post the very last picture i snapped.  the very last image on my memory card.

tuckered out.

this is what happens when you wake up early to play, eat breakfast, go to the park and then take a drive to look at outrageously priced midtown homes.  the ones that make you wonder how people can ever afford to live in them.  simply exhausting.  and fun.  it is amazing how much you can get done before 10 am when you're up and ready to go. 


  1. Sweet boy!! This picture melts my heart!

  2. So sweet!!! What kind of camera do you have, it takes great pictures!!!