day 18 {biting report}

yep, you read the title correct.

this beauty was attached to james' daily report on wednesday.  mr. president got a "biting report".  i have such mixed feelings about this.  i mean, he doesn't bite at home.  what am i to do?  but then again, i would be upset if another little "friend" bit james.  maybe.  depends on how severe the bite actually. 
so, when mr. h went to pick james up from school the teacher told him about it but didn't make it sound like a big deal.  she implied that the bitten friend got too close and james didn't like it.  she blew it off but then this little form makes it seem so official.  they even keep it on file.  jeez.  i hope this doesn't come back to haunt him in his campaign. 
if you'll notice the bottom right corner -- you can see that it was a sneaky taste while they were playing nicely.  that makes me feel somewhat better.  at least he didn't dive bomb and attack.  right?  he didn't bite on thursday.  phew!  please pray with me.  pray that this was a one time occurrence.  but we have told james we don't bite our friends.  there is even a yo gabba gabba episode, with jack black, that preaches about not biting our friends.  we're going to see ygg live in november.  we should be able to sing along.


  1. This made me laugh...like almost peed my pants laughing!!!

  2. oh goodness! i have no idea what i'd do! hudson came home from school last week with a huge bite mark on his arm but none of his teachers explained it to me and that really upset me. the mark stayed for two days, so i don't know if our school does anything about it or not. hud has another little friend who bites all the time and her mother (my friend) has no clue what to do. it's not like they understand-- they just know they have teeth and they're supposed to use them somehow, right?

    praying with you! :) maybe yo gabba gabba can help!

  3. Okay I am laughing out loud!! Are they going to give him detention? Perhaps threaten to suspend him? How are you supposed to punish a one year old who was "playing nicely" and doesn't know he was doing anything wrong?!
    Now if he bit hard enough to leave a mark on the child like the above comment is saying, that's a different story. But sheesh!