day 12 {tulsa zoo}

friday was my and my husbands last friday off so i wanted to do something fun with james.  we have already been to the aquarium so i've been dying to take james to the zoo.  the weather has been so nice lately and i was hoping it would cooperate for our family outing.  denied.  it was humid and hot.  luckily, there was a breeze or i may have passed out from a heat stroke.  regardless, we had a good time and i'm glad we went.

our first stop was the monkeys.  this was by far james' favorite animal.

what's dat?

my monkey men

next we went to the petting zoo and got to pet a little goat.  it was fun but h.o.t. by this time.  it was nearing noon and the sun was beaming.  we kept going and went to see the penguins, but they were smart inside.  so was the sea lions, male lion and most of the other large animals. 

no big deal!  we wanted to ride the train anyway.

choo choo!!

after the train to the front we decided to call it a day.  we would like to go back in the fall.  what a fun family friday!  fridays never disappoint.

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  1. Your pictures are always so amazing! I need to take lessons from you!