day 24 {3 sides to every story}

everyone knows there are three sides to every story, right?  mine, yours and the truth.  i'm going to tell you a story and how two people can see the same subject completely different. 

the other day chelse and i were emailing back and forth and the subject of pre-pregnancy weight came up.  this happens all too frequently but that is an entirely different issue.  so, we were talking about how even though we're back to your pre-baby weight, our clothes don't fit the same.

1.) mine.
i feel like my hips are just spread from being pregnant and a regular delivery.  my almost 9 pound baby sat low and then was hanging out a little too long down there during my vigorous delivery.  therefore, i think that even though i'm back to my pre-baby weight, my body is just shaped different.  i had hips before but now they're even bigger.  this creates a muffin top over some of my pre-pregnancy, low-rise jeans.  drives me nuts.  i'm about 14 months out on the delivery of my son so i am just coming to terms that some of my jeans just may not fit like they use too, ever.  no matter how much i try (or don't try but like to btch about it).

this was chelse's response:

2.) yours.
even though i was back down to my pre-pregnancy weights my pants still didn't fit.  i just assumed that now i'm carrying more weight in my butt and thighs but less in my face.


3.) the truth
who knows what the "truth" is to this story.  but i'm sticking with my hips aren't going back from child birth.

(for those of you who walked out of the hospital in regular jeans - eat a donut.  and if you lost your weight in say - the expected 6 weeks - i kind of hate you too.  just kind of.  i'm really just jealous but i'm being honest.)


  1. The truth is that you looking freaking phenomenal!

    Proud of you for keeping up with your blog challenge! It's been fun to see you post so much.

  2. You look amazing! We are our own worst critics!!!

    I lost every ounce of my baby weight before Liam left the NICU, but gained a lot back from being on house arrest for the first 3 months of his life!