day 19 {my talent}

i don't feel that i have a super hero talent.  or a talent worth mentioning actually.  does being a mom count as a talent?  a working mom?  a wife?  a good friend?  an honest and loyal person?  i tried to ride my skateboard a couple of times.  is that a talent?  i fell and scrapped my foot.  it wasn't bad but it made me realize that i'm old and concrete is hard and brutal.  my board with pretty pink wheels is now collecting dust. 
i don't think i have one true talent.  i ran 16 miles yesterday.  is that talent?  i'm not so sure i would consider myself a talented runner.  i'm actually a bad runner but i've got dedication.  is dedication a talent?  i kind of think so.  it takes time, hard work and some serious mental willpower. 
i strive to be a good person.  a genuine person.  a supportive friend, loving wife and wonderful mother.  all of those take dedication.  right?  it is just an easy kind of dedication because they happen to be the very things that bring me joy.  but i'm going to go with dedication as my talent.  i am dedicated to make my life the best it can be.  i'm dedicated to raising a good-hearted, genuine little man.  i'm dedicated to be a sincere and supportive friend.  i'm dedicated to being a loving and generous wife.  i'm dedicated to running my first marathon in the upcoming months.  dedication - it's an admirable talent.  right?

see - i don't have a super hero talent but if i could, i could want to be able to turn invisible.  or fly.  both would be really cool.  if i could be both that would be even better.  maybe i should wish for speed as my talent.  running speed.  nah - even though it might come in handy here soon.

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