day 22 {a website}

well, i have an internet addiction - a shopping one to be more specific.  and i sit at a computer all day at work so i have several sites that i like to frequent.  i'll let you in on the fun.

google - duh.
baby earth - i love this site for all sorts of baby products and reviews
b&h photo - i got here to drool over camera gear and lenses
jcrew - did you know they opened an online outlet?!!
anthropologie - they just opened one locally so i won't need to be stalking this site anymore - except the sale section.
mpix - to print photos and large(r) prints
children's place - affordable little boys clothes
baby gap - need i say more?  i frequent the local gap for myself.
piperlime - i'm working on my online addiction but you must wear shoes every.single.day.
etsy - i recently planned james' first birthday and this was such a helpful and creative tool

well, the list could go on and on because i should add blogger, google reader, facebook and other random shopping sites but those are some sites i thought i would share.  i do also search (on google as my search engine) for product reviews on just about everything from baby gear to technology to beauty products.  i like to know what other people think but you must remember that there will always be some haters out there. 

enjoy!  now i just hope i don't bump into you wearing the same shirt or shoes.

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