day 15 {fanfic}

fanfic?  what?  so, i didn't make this blog challenge and i have no clue what a fanfic is. so, i googled it - obviously.  i found a definition on wikipedia.

Fan fiction (alternately referred to as fanfiction, fanfic, FF, or fic) is a broadly-defined term for fan labor regarding stories about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creator. Works of fan fiction are rarely commissioned or authorized by the original work's owner, creator, or publisher; also, they are almost never professionally published.

well, now it's clear as mud!  i officially don't know if i've ever read anything technically deemed a fanfic publication.  so, i'm going to tell you more about some of the non-published people i like to keep up with on the internets.  as you may have noticed, i added some of the blogs i follow to the right side of my page and i would like to tell you more about these wonderful ladies.  they write.  they're non-published.  i think they count!

i met amanda back in college.  go pokes!  we worked together and became friends quick.  she is just as beautiful now, inside and out, as she was almost 10 years ago.  she is a friend that i'm really thankful that i still keep in frequent contact with - you know you have a true friend when time flies by without a word but then can pick back up like it was yesterday.  she is also my go-to mom.  she has an adorable son that is older than james so i feel confident in her advice.  i cannot wait for our little men to meet and play together.

this woman is in charge of making me my family look good.  i met her when i was planning my wedding.  she was my bridal, wedding, maternity and now family photographer.  she is also now someone i consider a friend.  she has been apart of so many special moments in my recent life.  i'm truly grateful to have these events documented so wonderfully.  i'm sure i'll post some of james' one year photos soon - only to be followed by our upcoming family session.  it's christmas card season, people! 

okay so this is my email gal.  she lives in kansas and has an adorable little girl.  i've never met her in person but we "talk" all the time over email and text message.  i met her through chelsea, who you'll meet below.  regardless, i know certain qualities about her that make her someone i really like.  first and foremost, she is an amazing mom.  she is honest - can be brutal but in the most sincere way.  she is a straight-shooter.  she loves to take pictures too!  i mean, can you get a better list of great qualities in a friend?!  no.  i don't think so.

this picture was just taken on sunday after bobby's baptism.  it was such a wonderful day.  i met chelsea at my current job.  we've always been nice to each other but she worked in a different department.  since, she's moved over to my department, gotten pregnant and had a handsome baby boy.  now we've got tons in common and can't shut up.  she is one of those people who i used to refer to as a co-worker but now if i say co-worker it doesn't do our relationship justice.  she is a true friend.  she is kind hearted and too funny.  we can talk.  i mean, like deep talk kind of talk.  those people are hard to find these days.  right ladies?  as new moms, we have so much in common that it turned a work friendship into the real deal.

okay.  first i want to start off by saying that i really don't know erin but what i do know is awesome.  i stole this picture from her blog and it really doesn't fit my impression of her.  for instance, she never talks about drinking or wine.  i chose this picture bc i think she looks great and it shows off her hair.  i know you're just as jealous as i am.  she has had a blog for a while and is gets lots of readers and commenter's but she still takes the time to email people and really communicate.  that is just unbelievable!  she is a busy mom to an adorable, growing boy, has great style and seems super genuine.  on one hand we have many similarities, on the other we have differences.  the good kind of differences.  i like her blog bc it sparks ideas in me whether it be about parenthood, style or blogging. 

jen - meet wonder woman.  seriously.  link i posted is to jen's photography blog bc you can't visit her family blog unless you're a friend.  you're missing out.  this lady is the most creative person i know and someone who seems to have 8 days a week to do everything.  she is beautiful wife, a mom of two (her youngest is shown above), runs the local roller skating rink, has a photography business and is so generous with her time as a friend.  this girl makes me jealous in the most wonderful way.  if i ever needed help or advise - she'd be there.  i met her back in college through a friend and i'm so thankful that we are still friends to this day.

this is another girl i met through chelsea.  i should be thankful for her generously sharing her friends.  but back to tara.  first off - congratulations are in order.  this beautiful lady is pregnant with her first baby due in may 2011.  she will be a wonderful mother.  i cannot wait to meet her little bundle of joy.  actually, i've only meet her for a total of 30 seconds so i should want to meet her first.  haha.  regardless, we chat over email about everything from photography to babies.  i know she'll do a great job of documenting her pregnancy.  i'm happy to have found a friend in tara.

this is linda sharps.  i do not know her.  at all.  i started to follow her blog, all & sundry, before i started blogging.  now she is a freelance write for the stir.  i'm envious of her.  she's run a marathon.  she is a mother of two and she just recently found a job where she can stay at home with her two boys.  she is a great writer.  her blog is real.  go read it.

okay people - those are my fanfics.  even though they share their real lives with us.  go to the restroom, grab a drink - perhaps a snack too - and get to reading.  enjoy!!


  1. i love this post and i can't wait to check out all of your other fanfics. i don't know what fanfic is either!! :)

    i am laughing at the picture you chose. i drink, but todd doesn't, so unless we're out or i'm cooking, we don't do a whole lot of drinking. but believe me, i had my wild days before marriage. now i drink when i'm cooking or eating! so wild!! :)

    i just love your blog and i'm really loving getting to know you better through this series of posts.