Brown Santa

I LOVE it when Brown Santa visits my house! Brown Santa is what we refer to as the UPS man. What can Brown do for you?

Well, he came to my house yesterday....twice. I got one small package and one large package. I was patiently awaiting the arrival of both packages so it wasn't a total surprise but I still got excited. I ran an errand after work and the hubs beat me home. I had no idea we got anything until I opened the front door and there were two wonderful brown packages waiting for me. I love it how Ben waits for me to get home because he knows how much I love to open the packages or be there while we open them together. They are so much better than the usual bills and junk mail. I wait for him too unless I know its something he won't care about like a new maternity top or dress.

One small box was my new camera bag and strap. Love it. It was handmade and ordered off etsy. Wow. Etsy is amazing. I have spent too much time away from work just oogling over all the handmade products. I love that I custom ordered it and yet it looks so nice and durable. Even Ben was impressed. Anyway this was the mystery package. So it was like Christmas but it wasn't. It actually was a happy birthday present to myself.

The second package was BIG and heavy (ben told me it was anyway). It wasn't a surprise because it had "BOB Revolution" all over the box. I think I started doing a happy dance. As I opened the mystery package, Ben opened the heavy one. OMG. We love it. The assembly was super easy. Take out of box, snap on tires and take off packaging. I cannot wait to try this bad boy out.

Brown Santa will be visiting a few more times to deliver my BOB accessories. Yay! Happy package day.

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