I cannot explain how it feels to be pregnant and growing right after NYE and before summer season. The infomercials, weight loss and exercising hype is everywhere encouraging people to get in swimsuit form. Well, for me that wasn't really an option but increasing in size and paleness,the opposite desired look, was more in the cards for my lake season. Luckily I paid too much for a chair so I can sit in my backyard and get some tummy sun. Yes, watch out dieters you have competition. Maybe not but sunshine does make everyone a bit happier and I will take any help to put that pep in my step at this point. Note: I did make sure to get a chair that fully reclines so that I could properly flip-over and tan my backside as well. One problem - I haven't been able to lay on my stomach in months. Therefore, I paid too much for a fully reclining chair. Thank you to all the helpful people at ACE who helped me find the perfect chair. I'm sure it would work fabulous.

How I cope with this swimsuit dilemma is easy:

Yep, say screw it and eat candy. When will I ever be able to do that again?!! That is a cell snap shot from my last craving session. (no, not all at once but it is nice to have enough on hand.) I have recently realized that dessert is good with any meal and am not afraid to enforce my new theory. Nothing like eggs, bacon and a cookie for breakfast. I'm not picky and about any form of sugar will meet my needs. Ice cream is also a valid option to those summer time blues as well.


I did purchase a UO dress and have named it motivation.

It came in the mail on Monday. I am holding it up over my growing belly. Well, scratch that. It is resting, on its own, nicely on my almost 33 week belly. This is a risky move but I hope it works. The candy method will have to cease once James arrives but I can use it as an excuse for approximately 47 more days no questions asked. For now, I really like the color. If anyone wants to borrow a canary yellow sundress just give me a call. I'm hoping to break it out by the end of summer. If you never see me in it or hear mention of it, I obviously did not reach my goal of being able to fit into it during the hot 2009 season. Please then disregard this picture and never mention the stupid yellow dress again. A starburst or two would be nice about now.....


  1. i said screw it as well. at what other point in your life can you stuff your face with french fries, oreos, and all of that other stuff without worrying about not fitting into your jeans? enjoy it!

    i sure miss my oreo fix.

  2. OH Amanda you are too funny!! I love that you have eggs, bacon....and a cookie for breakfast!! Breakfast of champions! Don't you worry, you will be in your yellow sundress motivation in no time! Not much longer!!! Yay!

  3. You are seriously funny, girl! I had my employee Sarah look on here to make sure we had the right bridal pic and she was cracking up!