It's Raining Men! Hallelujah!

Not yet!!! But it IS raining presents!!! Though I do have several men in my life. I have Ben, Utah and Waylon. I am completely outnumbered and James will just contribute to the testosterone in the Hale household. One thought that keeps me going - I get to be the Queen. Queen Hale. It has a nice ring, doesn't it?

Anyway, back to the presents and showers. Thank you to all who came, hosted and participated in celebrating THE baby Hale. I loved every thoughtful gift, card and decoration. I unfortunately don't have too many pictures to document but I have a few to post.

My first baby shower ever was a girl's shower themed with baby boy colors, fabulous decorations and the sweetest hostesses.

the pretty hostesses, me and jp

aunt beebs diaper cake and current table centerpiece

the cutest duck bathtub! the bill quacks. i hit it often and ben reminds me that i might run the battery down before jp arrives but it makes me smile so it's worth it.

raining presents...

Our second shower was a co-ed shower held at my favorite restaurant. I was so happy Ben could participate. He loves opening presents and it is adorable seeing him get excited for baby toys, bottles, carriers and all the other gifts JP will get to use. He is the most spoiled person in the family and he's not even here yet. My Visa better watch out.

this cake was delicious. i should have taken a picture of the inside. the top layer was vanilla but it was blue! the bottom layer was a rich chocolate. yummmm!

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate baby James and bring him into this world spoiled rotten. You are so kind, thoughtful and generous.


  1. So I guess that makes me King Hale. The Royal WE.

  2. What a cute little couple... Can we have another shower? I want that cake!!! Nom nom nom...

  3. Queen Hale. bahahahaa! Great pic of you and the hubs.