.33 cents

So, after opening my wonderful packages last night the hubs and I decided to have a romantic dinner at the local Taco Bueno. We even dined in. We both ordered nacho salads but I ordered chicken and he ordered beef. They called our number and Ben went to pick up the trays. As he made his way to the table I noticed he was carrying to large mounds of chips with a few spare pieces of lettuce on top. This was no salad. They put more lettuce on Ben's soft taco than they did on our "salads". Annoying. So, you know me, I made a comment to Ben about the lack of lettuce and text Amanda "bad bueno night". (side note: Amanda and I have had many conversations about Taco Bueno's food. Some days it is delicious while other days your tacos are broken, the cheese is runnier than water and it just isn't good. We get burned by Bueno but still continue to eat there on a regular basis. We just chalk those days up to "bad bueno days". The good comes with the bad but we just deal with it.) Anyway, my loving husband goes up to the register to ask for more lettuce for my salad. We think he'll just go up there, ask and they'll give him a small plate of lettuce. No big deal. Ummmm no. Not at this Bueno. The cashier asks if he would like to buy a side of lettuce. Really? Confused Ben says "yes" and she rings up the order. The total will be .33 cents. OMG for a small, queso size, container of lettuce. She actually gives him a receipt and waits for the person making the food to see the order and bring it over. I am almost speechless at this point. I wish I would have taken a picture of my "salad". Penny pincher's.

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