goodbye vkc.

for me, the most stressful part about moving has been the changes that james will have to make. new home, new daycare, new park, new friends, new etc. i really (really!!!) loved james daycare in tulsa. i haven't found the daycare for james down in texas but i can assure you, they have some high standards to live up too. his last day of daycare was last friday. this would also be one of our last mornings together so we wanted to live it up. you know, don't set the alarm. wild! i tell ya, wild. luckily we have an alarm clock that always wakes up before 7:30. so, we slept in, went to brunch, went to get cupcakes for james' class to celebrate his last day, and then took him on to daycare so we could pick up the moving truck and meet the movers. i get exhausted just thinking back to that day actually.

so, as we're dropping james off, i started to cry. i knew i would but it just different when it is actually happening. i wouldn't be taking him there anymore. he would have the same "friends" in his class anymore. he's had the same three boys that were in his first class, at 7 weeks, in his class until now. until i'm making him move. it got me thinking back to his first day. i cried when i dropped him off then too. (i sound like an emotional basketcase. dang!)

let's compare some historic snaps. 

here we are before class:

7 weeks old! his hair almost looks red. and look at his little boat shoes, courtesy of auntie beebs. we still have those. i can't let them go.

wow! look at that big boy! he did not want to pose. or smile. he wanted to jump. 

who doesn't need three spit rags handy? with those cheeks, we used a lot of those rags. life savers. when we got a ton for presents i thought there was no way we needed that many. boy, was i wrong!

look at that adorable belly? and no, no split rags these days. i do use an incredible amount of paper towels and wet wipes though. a trade off? not sure. i do still have some of those spit rags though. i could be a little more green, i suppose.

thud! my heart just exploded. look at that little, sleeping nugget!!

now look at him! i'm not sure why the scowl but i think it's kind of funny.

there were my first and last day photos. i cannot believe how quickly time flies. i know it is so cliche but it is true. i want to hit pause. bottle it up. hit replay at times. but i can't. and i know that i'll cherish each first and last as much as i did the one before. i mean, i can't even imagine the last day of high school. no, no, no. i can't even think like that. 

on james' first day of school, mr. h had to carry my tiny baby inside and pray i didn't make a scene filled with tears before we left. on james' last day, he cheerfully led daddy inside. we are so blessed that we had such a wonderful daycare the past two years.  mr. h promises me that texas has good daycares too. he better be right. wink, wink.

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  1. okay...i need more details on this texas thing! i had no idea. what are you going to do there? where are you living (pics please). sounds exciting!!! best of luck to you! :)