howdy ya'll!!!

this is my first time to report from the great state of texas. well, no it isn't. i blogged when i came down to run the austin marathon but i mean, this is my first blog since i've been living in texas. yee haw! about two months ago mr. h received an unexpected job opportunity in the dallas area. he fell in love and so we decided to pack up the family and move south of the red river.

here we are minutes before driving away from our first home:

we're all smiles. i'm smiling bc we're actually not running too far behind schedule, mr. h is smiling bc he has been down in texas for 6 weeks without his two best friends and james is smiling bc grandma gave him a new toy for the ride. have you seen toy story 3? there is a part when ken says, "new toys" and james mimics that line. it truly is funny.

i knew we had a lot of stuff but seriously, i had no idea how much junk stuff we've accumulated over the past five years. it took a small army to get us down here.

this is how we roll:

mr. h's parents were kind enough to caravan down here with us. mr. h drove the 24 foot, big truck, obviously. i drove my jeep with the babe, grandma drove the two dogs and grandpa had a bunch of miscellaneous stuff griswold style in his suv. yes, he called us the griswold's. i was thinking along the lines of beverly halebillies. ha. regardless, we all made it down here. james did great and we watched cars. twice. i gave him his lightening mcqueen toy and he was set. 

as soon as we crossed the red river, i wanted to stop for a family photo. unfortunately, we were pressed for time. we knew we were going to squeak in town just in time to meet the movers. and let me tell you, we were not going to miss those guys. talk about a marriage saver, i mean life saver. so, we stopped and ran to the big texas star. grandma didn't want to get out and then have to mess with getting the dogs all settled back in so this left grandpa to take our picture. i'm not sure if grandpa has ever held a dslr but he was a sport and did what i asked - please take a family picture of us in the star.

well, there we are. in the star. and since we were pressed for time, i laughed and knew i'd have to crop it down. 

here we are. newly texans.

hello texas. meet bonner.

and family.

we're glad to be here and look forward to the great opportunities you have waiting for us.

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