new school.

while pregnant the to-do list kept growing and growing until finally james arrived and i didn't even notice when had and hadn't been done.  BUT one of the important "checks" to mark off the list was find the perfect daycare to watch my sweet bundle of joy.  i never realized how stressful this decision would prove to be.  after several phone calls, checking the ol' bank account and tours, we decided on victory kidz care.  we walked in and instantly knew.  we got a good vibe - one of those that you just can't ignore.  it was nice.  and new.  and clean.  and friendly.  the list could go on and on.  we were sold.  hook, line and sinker.

then, we heard that we chose a popular place and that there was limited space.  oh great!  just my luck.  please keep in mind at this point i was not even 6 months pregnant but we had to put our name on an early waiting list. this list was only to receive information, before the open public, as to when the specific enrollment dates would be announced and when sign up days were scheduled.  here's the catch - they only allowed 4 babies per room in the infant wing.  sounds big enough but staff and church members get first dibs and then this "list" of people and so on.  regardless, i was stressed.  so, the day of sign ups mr. h woke up at the crack of dawn.  literally.  got ready for work and then went to sign up at 6 am.  armed with all enrollment papers and required documents in hand, james made the cut.  yessss! 

yesterday by big boy transferred from the infant wing to the creation wing.  this is the wing that sold us.
see that door?  that is baby big boy james' new classroom.
see this hallway?  this leads to the carousel room.  read it again - the carousel room.  i have been informed that james already loves this room.  obviously.  who wouldn't?  and that tank right there.  that is where the above frog lives.  apparently there are several frogs but some escaped.  this would freak me out if i were there but no one seemed to mind so i wasn't going to make a stink about it.

these are the infamous buggies.  james loves buggy rides.  they had these same buggies over in the infant wing.  sometimes when i would pick james up i could tell he didn't want to get off the buggy.  ha!

overall, mr. h and i feel very safe and secure leaving james here.  not just because you have to have a key combination to open the locked doors but because we know that the teachers genuinely care for their students.  his teachers even cried when he changed rooms.  there is also an upstairs, where the 4 to 6 year old daycare classes are and the lunch room, and it looks like the ocean with blue walls, more fish tanks and polar bear accents.  this place just brightens my day.  i am almost jealous that mr. h gets to be greeted by this decor every morning.  it just puts a smile on your face.  i would love to come to work if my floor were decorated in such a neat atmosphere. and a daily two hour nap time wouldn't be so bad either.


  1. Love it. I'm jealous James gets to spend his days there too! Wouldn't that be nice?

  2. Wow! This daycare is amazing! It puts Liam's at home sitter to shame!!!!