if you remember my post about james' new, big boy daycare, you'll remember that i mentioned the carousel room.  this is also the recess room for the younger kids.  so, i finally took some pictures.  the trick was going and getting some pictures while no children were in the room.  1. i'm not allowed to photograph other people's children and 2. i don't want to have pictures with a bunch of random kids running around. 
so, after our thanksgiving lunch, i walked down there to see if this were my perfect opportunity.  i mean, let's face it - i don't take my camera everywhere and so i rarely have it up at daycare but this day i did so i was going to try to take pictures.  score!  it was empty.  now i'll show you james' playground.

pretty neat huh?  i was not this lucky as a child.  if you look closely you can see the plexiglas that surrounds the carousel so that children aren't using that piece of machinery as a jungle gym.  that would obviously be a law suit waiting to happen.  most of the time, like 99% of the time, james plays in the area right next to the carousel.  so, they pretty much just get to stare at it.  the room has a western vibe by the murals on the wall but then there is the big, overpowering carousel and then toys.  odd combination but i'm positive none of the kids mind.

this is the play area for james, when they don't go to the outside playground:

see the wild mustangs?  i hope they don't run over a kid.  i'm just kidding but i told you there is a western theme.  below is a fountain with some kind of wild cat.  there isn't water in the fountain but i think it would be really neat if it worked.  but i completely understand that having a fountain in the daycare playroom would be a nightmare.

they also have family night when you can go and all ride the carousel together.  we haven't been yet but i really want to go.  now that it's cold outside i'm sure we'll be at the shindig.  when we go, i'm going to ride this horse:

now i want to go play.  james is so spoiled lucky. 

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