gold star.

i grabbed my camera a bit too late but here is james proudly playing with wearing my whiterock medal.

i missed the lawnmower episode but i got a few snaps. this is his chair. it is james' recliner that is in my bedroom. i hate to say this, but i do not like it. it is big and blue and toy story-ed out. and i kick it. and i could go on and on but james likes it and that is all that matters. (don't worry grandma, i didn't mean it bad. james loves it, so i love it.) he used to just sit in it and love it but now he loves to flip it over and climb on it. all the time.

have we told him no?
have we turned it back over a million times to try and stop this?
 has it worked?
do we just let him do whatever he wants to his chair now?

am i mother of the year??
h*ll yes.

i let my son wear my prized marathon metals and flip over his chair whenever he wants. i'd say that gets me a gold star in the mom department.

did i "fix" james' hair after bath like this?
no. mr. h still tries new hairstyles. we laugh.

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