austin pictures.

as i have said before, i've never taken my phone along for a run. in fact, i haven't taken my phone on any run since i've been back from austin. so, since i was apparently all about my phone this run, i took some snaps and would send them to mr. h or some friends for support.

this is early, before the run trying to catch a ride to the start line.

i sent this to my friend, and run buddy, and said, "no turning back now".
this is the point where i think - this is what sets the men from the boys. well, except i should say the ladies from the girls. this is where i wish i were heading back toward the finish line. even though i went to run a full marathon, i was jealous of the people in the right lane. i love half marathons. i think it is such an accomplishment and such a great distance to run, so i'm not knocking it.

this sign made me laugh. i love that this runner knows how much encouraging signs help so she made one to help out others even though she was running herself. if i remember right, she lives on a hill. of course i remember right, the whole dang course was hills!

oh man, see those signs, i loved seeing those signs. mile 24. it was beautiful. i sent this to the hubs. remember, i called him at mile 18 in tears so i wanted to show him i made it. i was surviving and trucking along.

then i saw this:
eggsalent job! baaahahah. i had to stop, check this out and take a picture. i don't remember if i sent this to anyone or i just wanted to remember the moment. i would have never guessed i would see this is the home stretch. thank you chicken owners. you are awesome! you made me smile.

then i sent this, of course:
thank God! i finished.

and then this is just a favorite picture. sorry you get to see it again.

i love medals. are they worth it?


just the other night james came into the living room wearing my dallas white rock medal while pushing his lawn mower. honest, one of the cutest things i have ever seen. i wish i had a picture but you'll just have to imagine it. it will make you happy.

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