dinner talk.

the other night i bought an us weekly in the grocery store checkout line. impulse buy. dangit! well, i read/flipped through the pages last night while james was coloring. i left it on a table in the living room and forgot about it.

until i walked back into the room to see this:

perfect! now we'll have some fun celebrity gossip to talk about tonight at dinner. can you believe they broke up? and she actually wore that?! she should fire her stylist. and oh my! you can see her skeleton. she is too skinny. oh, the list goes on and on. i'm glad james shares my passion for cheap, gossip mags.

well, maybe.

james ended-up ripping into pieces until i had to pry it out of his little hands. man, he has a tight grip! in this process it was destroyed and found a home in the trash. oh well. do we really care about those people anyway? nope. not at all.

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