first family bike ride {officially}

warning!  if you like to enjoy beautiful weather and have a perfect family evening, this post will make you jealous.  in fact, i wish i could re-live this night because i'm jealous just writing this post.

after our first bike attempt, mr. h went the following day at lunch to get his bike tire repaired.  he informed me that we would, no matter what, be going on a ride that night.  it was super hot but he didn't care so that left me two choices: 1.) go along and sweat and get to see my baby's first bike ride or 2.) enjoy the air conditioned house and time alone.  what do you think i chose??  the first option, of course!  did you really think that i was going to let mr. h take my baby james on a bike ride without my supervision?!!  if they were going, i was going.  period.

doesn't he look happy? 

from the house we rode our bikes down to the splash park/playground area.  i chose to ride behind mr. h so that i could shield the baby from the hardcore road bikers that think they own the riverside trail and threaten to run anyone down who may get in their way.  so, i saw james' head bobbing away and realized that if he looked straight forward, he would be staring directly at mr. h's plumbers crack - if he had one.  i made the mistake of saying this out loud and making the hubs paranoid but no, there wasn't any exposed crack on this trip.  once we got to the park we let james out to play until  i  he got too hot.

after play time, it's time to saddle up.  james really doesn't like his helmet but he doesn't complain about it once the ride starts.  until then, he'll try about anything to get his helmet off.  i keep thinking that we're going to be cruising down the trail and james is going to throw his helmet and i'll have to yell "four!" in hopes that it doesn't hit anyone. 

the park/splash pad is about a mile from our house.  it isn't a long ride but it is apparently exhausting.

mr. h says he gets embarrassed when driving around a sleeping baby.  i think it's cute.  we're becoming professionals - all except we haven't made the switch to tight spandex.


  1. Amanda, he is so...cute! This post does actually make me jealous because my bike was stolen when I was pregnant with Jackson and I still haven't replaced it! Love your blog:)