first bike ride {sort of}

a few days this week were actually nice.  by "nice" i mean that the temperature was in the 90s and it felt like fall day versus the 100+ temps with a heat index of 115.  so, mr. h and i decided that it was time for james to go on a bike ride.  for this to happen, with such a short time span after work, we needed to act quick.  we made a plan and went to work.  i was in charge of fighting the downtown traffic to pick up james' first bike helmet.  well, first helmet of any kind to be exact.

cute.  right?  so, i zoomed downtown and came home.  i eagerly fed james while mr. h went to get air in our bicycle tires.  did you know if you don't ride your bike for...say 2 summers...your tires will be flatter than a pancake?  yes, it's true.  i love(d) to ride my bike but in the spring/summer of 2009 i was pretty big and pregnant.  have you seen a pregnant woman riding a bike?  no, i didn't think so.  even after james was born i still couldn't exactly jump on and go bc my flower had to heal james was too small to join.  anyway, back to the game plan - mr. h went to the closest gas station to fill our tires and hurry home to put the toddler bike seat on his bike.  we opted for one that extends off the back of the bike versus a pull behind, at this point.  this is the crucial point where mr. h realized that his back tire was flat.  i don't mean just needs more air flat.  i mean he needs a new tube flat.  dang!  we were running out of time and the once neighborhood bike shop moved downtown.  what to do?  the excitement, anticipation and hard work were done.  we were ready.  we wanted to put on the helmet and give james a spin.  so, what do you think mr. h would do?  exactly!  still ride.  strap the kid in regardless and go for a few circles out in front of the house.  duh.

the first few minutes james would not move his hands down.  at first he was trying to remove his helmet (thank you baby jesus for the chin strap) but then i think he was just mesmerized and left his hands up there.

overall it was a small success.  james seemed to enjoy it.  he didn't scream or cry.  he didn't really let out a peep actually BUT he was unhappy when ben stopped.  so, biker james had his first real bike ride the following day.  i can say that that family outing was a complete success and make me look forward to fall and future family bike rides ahead.


  1. Love it! The pics of James are so cute!!!

  2. So cute! Consequently if you don't ride your bike for 2 months the tires go flat too! At least mine did. I love his helmet!