my future's so bright...

i've got to wear shades...

well folks the first week of big boy day care was a success.  next up - OSU!  no, no i can't even think like that.  i don't want my baby to get any older.  he's so smart and learns something every single day. while i love watching him grow, i want him to stop growing and stay my baby.  i could bottle him up right now.  he's so loving and happy.  regardless, i was excited for him to make the switch from the infant wing to his new class.  his three home boys are in the same class: stephan, jeremiah, and emmanuel.  the four of them made up the brat pack - a.k.a. the lamb class.  now he has nine other "friends" to play with and even little girls!  i really think this will help james to develop his motor and communication skills.

i also hope that james enjoys all his new "friends".  we thought that james was always so happy.  we'd call him mr. president because everyone at daycare knows who he is and he shoot them his pearly whites when we leave.  until one day his report said something like - james does not like it when his friends get too close to him.  what?  seriously?  we've got the mean, bully baby??  our sweet baby james?  no way.  then we started getting updates as to his play habits.  finally we got some good news.  the note on his daily report  said - james played well with his friends today.  and had a big smiley face.  i suppose that is a good thing.  it is just hard for me to imagine him not liking anyone.  it is just so bizarre.  mr. h swears he was getting sick and that's why.  i'm not really sure i believe that excuse but i'm just glad that phase is over.  mr. president is back.  running for office in 2036. 


  1. a saturday blog post? what's got into you?! yaah for the blogging streak. our "challenge" starts on wednesday!

  2. Those eyes kill me! They're BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!