i've been wanting to blog lately. problem? i don't know where to start....again. i hate this feeling. yesterday i was trying to find a clip of my wedding and stumbled across the video i took crossing the finish line at the austin marathon in 2011. my gut told me to post it. my instincts said to post it but then my rational mind stepped in. it asked why would this be your first post back?

in the end, my mind won. it defeated my gut instinct. my natural desire to do something other than for no reason except for it felt right. i left work, forgot about my blog urge and went home to play with my family. until....my dear friend, jennifer, sent me a message reminding me that yesterday was our one year anniversary to surviving the austin marathon!!!

my heart sank and lifted all at the same time. i instantly knew my gut was right and i was a schmuck for not listening. so, today my friends - one year and one day after i crossed the austin marathon finish line, i want to show you what its like.

this was taken by holding out my cell phone. it not great quality and it at the end of my 26+ mile hill run but you get the point. except for one thing you can't hear - i was listening to linkin park numb in one ear bud and the crowd cheers with the other. i was surrounded by the cheers and motivation.


happy one year and one day anniversary, austin, jennifer & cheryl. we did it!

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  1. I'm inspired. :) and i'm glad to see a post from you in my reader!