mother of the year moment.


after dinner we were just hanging out. we had nick jr. on tv and a nice small fire going. without even realizing it, i'm on pinterest. i mean, my account was open and it just happened. i was checking it out. scrolling through the mindless pins that make me believe if i pin enough things i could cook, have style, own fabulous accessories, feel the need to shop for things i didn't even know i want, have stunning and versatile hairstyles at my command, host the best party and become a diy goddess. i am feeling glorious! feeling like the best mother in the world for pinning a site where you take a picture of your living room and put santa in it for proof. 



i really see this:

my son. cleaning the coffee table while i waste time on the internet.


okay, i didn't really see this exact snap. i was the one sitting by the fire. this is what i really saw:

i didn't even stop him. 

i got up and grabbed my camera.


so, really all of this happened but we didn't just have baby wipes in the living room. james went into his room and grabs his wipes box with the cars characters on it and brings it into the living room. i'm "busy" and so i am okay with this. he's naming the characters and seems like he is pleasantly entertained. he then pulls one wipe out. so, i casually say, james, clean the table.

and he does! 

i mean, he scrubs away. he get another wipe and another. he is loving it!

this. is. awesome! this ranks right up under the proud achievement, trash can award. mr. h and i feel spoiled now that james knows where the trash is and likes throwing things away. (well, except for when we have to rescue the toy casualties who "fall down" inside the trash can. yep, they just fall, fall down. james swears.) but seriously, it's like now he's a little helper. doing chores and pulling his weight. baaahaha. 

i just love that he is learning.

and that he's a good helper.

and that i have a clean coffee table.

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  1. Dawson loves to help me clean! He's had some major fits when I have to take the Swifter away from him!