new loves.

james has two new loves.

1.) the macbook pro

2.) the bubble guppies

if you combine the two, you have one happy little man. we can have bubble guppies playing in the living room and one the computer and 90% of the time james will sit and watch the same two online episodes.

with all the recent storms, james' daycare classroom flooded so i got the unexpected day to stay home and play with my aqua baby. as we were watching guppies, james wanted to wear these.

i couldn't figure out why he was insisting to wear his 80s looking construction glasses until i saw the following picture.

he wants to be like gil!

well, i'm not sure that this is guppy behavior but it definitely falls into the category of things i never thought i'd have to say - james, don't lick the computer.

this show comes on every night at 8 pm. we let james stay awake until the show is over and then we say bye bye and nite nite to the guppies. james also says it every time an episode ends online. even if it is 9 o'clock in the morning.

bye bye guppies! bye bye guppies!


on another note, james also did one of the funniest things i've witnessed in a while. we were hanging out and reading a thomas the train book when he shot up, took of his pajama pants, threw them away in the small trash under the sink in the kitchen, grabbed his red cowboy hat and got on the arm of the couch and started waving his hand in the air and saying yee haw! my son really does like to say it often! i laughed and rescued his pj pants. james has such a developing personality. i love to laugh with him everyday. and i'm so grateful that i can be around to witness these priceless moments, even though i'm a working mom.

yee haw bubble guppies!

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  1. haha! love it! hudson loves bubble guppies, too. he just can't get enough of that auto tune!