yee haw!

last friday as james and i were leaving daycare, we saw some teachers from the infant wing pushing babies in the little red buggies. the ones that james used to love.

then i heard this (not so quiet) conversation take place between the two workers:

worker 1: that is james. he loves to say yee haw!

worker 2: really?

worker 1: yea. watch. hi james! yee haw!!

james: yee haw!

i would have never thought my child, you know the one that lives in the city, would be known as the "yee haw baby".

oh, and this is an actual cell snap from the other night. james wanted to play in his pool so i took off his clothes and when i came back into the room, he had taken off his diaper and put on his hat. i couldn't resist trying to capture this exact moment.

yee haw, baby james. thank you for making me smile.

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