two years today.

two years ago today, at 6:23 pm, my life truly began. happy birthday sweet baby, james.

yes. i am crying as i type this. well, i'm more teary eyed but it has happened several times today thus far. i don't really know why. but i can't control it.

this morning we all slept until james woke us up at 6:45 am. one day he'll sleep in, and we'll be the ones waking him up. is it bad that some days i'm ready for those days? anyway, we had our milk and watched some thomas the train. i had a busy morning planned for us and everyone cooperated. yay!

we took james to the park for some two year pictures. here is my sweet man on his second birthday:

 i could tell this was going to be a fun day.


he was so cute and playful. 

after a few snaps, it was time to go.

oh look! it's on the ground. again.

what? you won't pick it up?!?

okay. let's go pick up some birthday donuts.

aren't they fun?

we took james and his birthday donuts to daycare while mr. h and i wrapping up some birthday party errands. i'm going to let james take his nap at daycare and then i'm going to pick him so we can birthday play!

happy second birthday sweet baby james!!! 


  1. happy birthday little guy!! love his 2 year pics....great idea to hold the #2! btw, where did you get the donuts??

  2. Those donuts are adorable!! And he is too of course!