party peek.

james demanded a farm animal party this year. well, maybe he just told me he wanted one. okay, maybe he didn't do either. but i had this big idea for a farm animal petting zoo party. long story short - it's expensive and it is too hot to beg ask my guests to endure the outdoors. without a pool. james and i had been to the bouncy barn before and james had a good time. i knew that they had a party room as well. i thought i could still incorporate a farm theme, especially with a name like the bouncy barn. i called and we reserved the play area and the ranch room. i asked what made the ranch room ranch-like. she said nothing. they just tried to go with the name of the place. see, bouncy barn has large inflatable bounce houses for younger children. it is in a strip mall. there is bounce but there is no barn. in fact, they don't have anything inside that would remotely remind you of the country or a barn theme. this would drive me crazy, if i were the owner, but i'm not so i'll just rent the facility and hope that the party is fun for james and all his friends to bounce. and take a good nap later. and all to enjoy the air-conditioning this hot july.

i've been thinking about ways to make this party still feel like i had some creative control. i love planning parties and playing on themes. if you remember, last year "my little squirt" turned one and we had a pool party with a whale theme. this year i liked the farm party and james like animals so i think it's a win-win situation. as i've said before, i would like to plan "cute" parties for james as long as i can. i know one day he'll want a super hero, cartoon, all items store bought type of party. not that i think that would be a problem. i just want to have control while i can. i mean, james controls the the house - when we sleep, eat, shower, etc. i can control this party. i win.

here are some party peeks:

the last picture is fondant. it is the beginning of the cupcake toppers. my sweet sugar momma, sugs, set up the work station and gave me a tutorial. i am so impressed with how they turned out. they will have their own post. but for now, here is just a peek.

happy farm animal birthday party, james!

james, how does a cow go?


we're going to have a moo-velous time.

we're practicing our animal sounds. can you hear him mooing? he knows all his animal sounds. getting him to say them when asked, that's the tricky part.

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