pinch me.

pinch me. please. i'm dreaming and i want to wake up.

my little baby boy is turning two on friday. where did time go? how did it move so fast?? while i love this stage james is at, i miss my little snugly baby. mr. h and i once couldn't wait to go to the park and listen to him talk and wonder what his first words will be. now he's here. he loves the park and loves talking. his vocabulary has really taken off this past month. he loves making animals sounds and asking so sweetly for chocolate milk. he loves to play outside and still reminds me of a mini evil kenevil. the boy has no fear. my once snuggle muffin has grown into an independent little guy who is strong willed but isn't afraid to ask for help. i love him more every single day. how is this possible? i'm not sure but it happens. motherhood is so awesome and unexplainable. i've only got 2 years under my belt but i feel like i was born to be james' mom.

to celebrate this special boy's big day, we're going to have a fun farm animal party.

obviously the real invitation had the important information but hey, i can't afford to invite the whole blog world to the party. BUT i definitely would invite a few sweet girls i've "met" and their adorable children. maybe one day.

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