typical night.

last night i picked up james from daycare and follow his nightly ritual. this is new and i think its hilarious. he wants a sippy of milk (he'd prefer chocolate and usually gets it, just this one time a day) and to watch nick jr. now, i'm not saying that i want my kid to be addicted to the tv or anything but in reality he is at daycare all day and they do not even have a tv in sight. so, if he wants to watch some education on tv, per nick jr. commercials, then i'm okay with that. anyway, he wants to chill out and just relax. feet up, arm on the arm rest and do nothing. i don't blame him. i'd love to kick my feet up and chill when i got home from work. in fact, i've had plenty of those days in my past. but today, my reality is far from that. as soon as i got home i changed clothes, started laundry, dinner, picking up toys and vacuuming. i'm aware how glorious my night sounds but hey, i'll love coming home tonight to enjoy it.

as i'm running around breaking a sweat, i look out the back window and see this:

livin' the dream.

until utah got in the way.

a personal pool, shades, putter and the water hose. this is james' version of heaven.

obviously my kid is a genius because he knows that if he wears sunglasses, the water that he insists to splash won't get in his eyes.

mom, no more pictures! but how do you like my six pack?

okay, i'll flash you my baby blues.

now go finish my dinner.

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