saturday morning scene.

my morning started early. try 3:38 early. my alarm went off to go to the fifty mile midnight madness run

no, i did not run fifty miles this morning but there were 160 people who started out at 11:59 pm on this goal. i was a pacer. i ran beside my running buddy, and friend, kellie. i ran with her from miles 20 to 30. all in all, i ran a little over ten miles. we carried a twelve minute mile, including aid stations and one restroom stop. that is simply unbelievable that she was strong enough to carry that pace the whole run! i am so proud to call wonder woman my friend.

after i finished, i waited around looking for other crazies to make their lap(s) and happened to watch the first person cross the finish line. yep. 20 miles ahead of my friend. you know, the one that i'm so proud of. it was a woman! a woman one the who dang race in just under 7 hours. CRAZY. there is a fifteen hour time limit. i mean, that woman must eat long runs for breakfast every morning.

after my run, i came home and wanted starbucks. i decided to take james along for the ride. the starbucks by my house doesn't have a drive-thru so we had to venture inside. i took his leash and hoped he'd behave.

he was PERFECT!!!

i am on such a buzz about the run, i'm going to take james to the splash park that happens to be located right in the middle of the finish line. people have tents set up, coolers stocked and are anxiously waiting to give their crazy 50 mile friends a warm welcome every ten miles. i'm going to be there for my friend when she  crosses. i cannot imagine running 50 miles. not in my wildest dreams. her goal was to run a 50 before 50. she is 48 and accomplishing her goal. i am so proud of her. i actually think i hijacked her running buzz. she eats energizer bunnies for breakfast.

off to the splash park for a morning of fun!

Saturday Morning Scene

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  1. HI! I just stumbled across your blog from Saturday morning Scene! What a small world...we ran down on riverside this morning and saw the race going on! Good job on the pace! We started our run at 7:00 and just about died by the time we were done...way too hot. Hope you all have a good day at the splash park!