summer time.

man, summer time used to be great. fantastic actually. no school, no work, no responsibilities. bliss. then one day you graduate and get a job. then you realize you no longer get a month off at christmas, a week off for a spring break vacation and three months off during the summer. what?!?? this is definitely the part about being a grown up kind of stinks. i mean, i know this is an odd post right after my "i love being thirty" post but i can still be thirty and wish i had a summer break.

we make the most of the summer around my house. it is painfully hot though. a body of water is required to be outside. do i have a pool? no. do i wish i did? no, not really. i would just be a nervous wreck about james and the dogs and it would just be one more thing to clean. but it would be fun. well, i take that back. we do have a pool. a james' size pool. and he loves it! he tries to jump in it but white boy doesn't catch any air. this is what you see.

yep. a face plant. a teeter totter, bruise you shins, face dive right into the water.

james loves it!! he'll laugh and do it over and over again.

good thing he's not thirty. i think it looks painful.

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