veggie tales pail.

grammie got james a veggie tales flower pot for james. it was so much fun! we got it on saturday and couldn't wait so we planted it on sunday morning.

well, mr. h and james planted it while i took pictures. i still think it counts as a "we" job.

the kit came with seeds and two blocks of compact dirt. i'm sure there is a fancy name for the dirt disks but you get the point. so, we added water and let james get to it.

can you see the piles of mud?  yea, the more it went flying, the more fun this project became.

see? james is in the zone. he is having a blast. i'm just letting him do his thing but trying to not get in his line of fire.

finally the dirt was ready and it was time for the seeds. this kit came with zinnia seeds. i expected it to be a veggie. you know, they are veggie tales but it was a nice surprise. we haven't planted any flowers yet but i love our azaleas and spring flowers.

isn't it just too cute how james is mimicking mr. h? he is such a sponge. and so smart. and no, i'm not bias. he really is and his memory is top notch. this can be very tricky.

next up, time to rake in the seeds with some tlc.

james didn't really want to use tlc. he wanted to play in the dirt. so.... we had to take it away from him.

can you see the look of disgust in his face when mr. h was trying to pry the little rake from his hands? he was not happy and was not going down without a fight. as soon as we distracted him, i snagged the freshly planted zinnias and carried them inside. and put them up high where someones little hands couldn't dig it in when i turn my head.

i hope they bloom.

fingers crossed.

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