the water hose.

after i took away james' zinnia pail, i went inside the house to find a nice spot for it to sit, undisturbed for a while. i'm doing my own thing, you know for a whole two miutes, when i peek out the back door to see this.

i couldn't tell the extent of the damage but i grabbed my camera and went back outside anyway.

the damage, well, it's nothing the washing machine and a bubble bath couldn't fix.

covered. head to toe. and i think i see some mud in his smile. was he eating it? or using the shovel as a spoon? i'm not quite sure but the clean up crew was called in to get to work on this little pigpen.

the clean up crew is aka mr. h and the water hose.

even though the water was cold, james loved it!

james then decided he wanted to take matters into his own hands.

the boy loves the water hose. i'm telling you, this will be a dual purpose game this summer - to entertain james and water the backyard. score.

who knew something we already need to do would be such a hit?

if you can't reach me by cell, i'm playing out back with james and the water hose.

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