saturday morning scene.

i'm linking up with katie over at loves of life for the saturday morning scene.

this morning i got up about 6 and out the door, a little late, about 6:40 for a 10 mile run. the weather here has taken a turn from beautifully sunny to cold and rainy. this would only happen on my day off from work. go figure. i debated sleeping in but as always i'm so glad i put on my shoes and got out the door. we ran to the top of reservoir hill and if i had my phone i would have taken a picture from there to show you the view. the nice thing about a 4 mile up hill run is the 4 mile stretch coming down. i love the feeling of accomplishment. the feeling of rising to a challenge and kicking its tail.

now is time to play legos with my sweet boy. happy saturday!

Saturday Morning Scene



  1. You just made me feel guilty for the bacon I consumed this morning while you were exercising. ;)

    ha. Have fun playing legos!

  2. Please send some of your will power my way!!!

  3. that must feel so good :) wish i could do that... and had the motivation for it haha

    happy saturday! xoxo