today's bucket list.

on of my friends posted a blog about her bucket list and encouraged more of us to do the same.  i throuoghly enjoyed reading her list.  while are bucket goals are not the same it is always inspiring at what others want to accomplish. 

i think that my bucket list items change.  a lot.  depending on my mood or if i've done one and it lead to another and so on.  i don't think i'll change my mind about some of these items but one never knows.  i hope i can look back and smile.  probably laugh too.
  • visit the Louvre.  i want to spend hours breathing it in and enjoying the scenery.
  • take james to the san diego zoo.
  • work an aid station/water stop for a large run. one much larger than in oklahoma.
  • find a charity and give both my time and money regularly to support and encourage others to do so.
  • go to a world cup with my husband.
  • learn how to play chess.
  • go on a weekend get-a-away with my mom.  and splurge.
  • complete a triathlon.  (yes, i had to mark marathon off and set another physical goal)
  • read the Bible from cover to cover.
there is my list.  it seems short for how long i hope to be alive.  some of these i am almost embarrassed to admit.  why haven't i done them?  why haven't i read the bible?  i haven't i donated my time??  truth is - i don't know.  i suppose i've allocated my time elsewhere.  but hey, i'm working on it.  if anyone has a plane headed to paris, please take me.  i'll sleep or read.  you won't even know i'm there.

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  1. great idea for a blog. i will have to put mine on here soon!