gift idea.

i'm relatively new to the kid birthday party scene.  i mean, the kind where james is a guest to one of his friend's parties.  i'm always curious what people give and get as gifts.  i love when i see a unique gift idea so i'm going to post james' gift to hudson. 

first i would like to say that james and hudson have the same passion for yo gabba gabba. my idea started there but i knew just getting a dvd wouldn't be fun for a two year old so i got to thinking. i decided to make a movie night basket for the family. my friend ashley has her own business making personalized gifts and i remembered that she made personalized cups that would be cute. (she makes so much more so check out her blog!  she was so helpful and fast!  i can't wait to order more stuff for james.) so, i gave her a call and had two cups made, one for hudson and one for baby sister. it was too fitting for the cup for hudson to have a plex-like robot on it. ella's cup is hidden in the back. it was perfect and i wish i had taken a picture of it but i didn't. i used it to prop up the birthday boogie dvd. okay, so i was up to a dvd and personalized cups. then i remembered the dollar section of target. pot of gold! and i remembered that they had plastic popcorn buckets. i snagged two of them, one is again hidden, and a blue bucket also from the dollar section. i topped it off with some tissue paper, a bow and three packets of microwave light popcorn.

voila!  a movie night bucket tailored for hudson but made for everyone to enjoy!

if i had been more on top of my shopping list at target, i would have gotten some yellow paper stuff to put in the popcorn bucket but oh well.  i'm just saying, it drives me nuts but i'm pretty sure hudson didn't mind.

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  1. This is a great gift idea. Thanks for sharing!!!